Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Gallery Goodness

Being on the road sure makes blogging difficult!

Last week, I headed to my sister's house to help her finish a project she's been wanting for months. It helps that she has an adorable family and is one pretty lady herself. They had professional family pictures taken a few months ago. When the prints finally arrived, she knew that she needed them on the wall. 

Enter Gallery Wall, stage left.

I don't know why she called me over to help, but I'm flattered. And Micah Math didn't interfere except for the very last measurement that she left me to make alone while she fed almost-two Evan.

But we fixed it. And I think it looks great!

We began by playing with several layouts on the carpet before finding one that we both loved. All of the space was filled, and there was a nice balance between vertical and horizontal pictures! We were ready to hang! And by ready to hang, I mean ready to draw them all onto a template of butcher paper. We wanted to get it right first by knowing exactly where to pound the nails before we pounded the nails. Not a bad idea, and other than my slight miscalculation when left to my own devices, the entire process went smoothly.

It looks great! Our next move is to design some simple yet personal "filler" for the three empty frames. Probably the letter "F" in one, printed on burlap. We are still trying to decide on the other two but want them to remain simple so the family pictures get the most attention.

We could be professionals. We practically are professionals! At least, we have a nice time making our homes feel more homey. Way to go, T'liese. Your wall is gawrgeous!

And thanks for looking the other way when we both realize I can't count past three.


  1. Love it, you go girls! :) You should do a business of it, even if its later in life! Amazingly perfect, every detail is loveable! What more can I say? :)

  2. Looks great! And little Evan is adorable!


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