Tuesday, February 7, 2012

A Cutie Comes for Lunch


Any excuse to spend time with this little monkey, and I’m all over it. Evan came over for a few hours yesterday. We had such a nice afternoon together. Most of that time was spent looking at all the fans in our home. This boy loves him some fans! We also found time to eat lunch, show off muscles, and kick around a ball.


I have about a million Clementine's in my house. I am addicted to the miniature oranges and love that I can actually peel them myself! It’s always degrading to ask your husband to peel an orange for you…hence I simply don’t buy them. But when I discovered that Clementine's are easy enough for kids to peel, I figured I couldn’t lose by trying. I peeled a few for Evan and I to enjoy yesterday. After giving him a segment, I would eat one, too. I asked if I could have some of his, and he smiled and shook his head no. Then he would hold one up for me to eat. Just as I got close enough, he would laugh and pull it away and eat it himself. Who is this kid?!


Evan is getting really accurate at his kicking. We kicked the ball back and forth in the living room, and he is now good enough to get it to me every time! When we usually play ball, I discover that underneath my couches could use a good dusting! But he did better yesterday, and the ball stayed away from the unseen crevices in the house.


We may or may not have watched a few minutes of Sesame Street online. Evan loves Elmo and asks for him every time he sees my computer. I hate to give in, but he is so cute when he asks by saying, “La la la.” And Sesame Street never hurt anybody, right?


When he sees my radio, he starts dancing and pointing so I’ll turn some music on for him. Today’s selection was the Frankie Valli station from Pandora. I love the Oldies and find myself dancing to them all the time. It was much more fun today with an almost-two year-old. Evan just makes everything more fun!

I was sad to see Evan’s mama pull into the driveway again. Luckily, she stayed for a few minutes to help me design some new daily dockets for organization. Evan hadn’t eaten much for lunch, and I think that’s why he was a little grumpy. I get grumpy when I’m hungry, too! Eventually, it was time for them to load up and head home.

IMG_2522   IMG_2523   IMG_2525

It’s such a blessing to live close enough to family that I can see them whenever I want. I love being able to babysit. And not just because I know they’ll return the favor someday.


But they will. Right? Are you guys there?


I’ll share a video of him tomorrow. What a cute kid! I love being his Aunt!

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  1. Cute kid, you're the best sitter/Aunt for Him, lol! :)


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