Thursday, March 8, 2012

A Sweet Day for a Sweet Little Man


Evan turned two. Can you believe it?! We were invited to a family get-together to celebrate the momentous occasion. I can never pass up some time with this little guy. Evan is definitely my favorite local nephew.


Does it matter that he is presently my only local nephew? I like to keep things balanced and fair.


We arrived a little early to help T’liese prep some delicious taco salad. She fed an army with five heads of lettuce! It was so delicious. Evan has the chip stains around his mouth to prove it.


After visiting with family not seen for a while, it was time to get to the main event.


Evan sat on his daddy’s lap to open his presents. He got some fun cards, lots of new books, and a few new movies to enjoy with cousins when they come over.


It was so much fun to watch his face light up over every little thing. I don’t think he understood that the celebration was just for him, but he was enjoying the attention anyway.

Soon it was time to swap laps to sit on mama while daddy got his big present. When they are at the Science Center in downtown Phoenix, Evan plays with the play kitchens the entire time. So T’liese and Joe found him an awesome, masculine kitchen to enjoy.


Apparently, he plays with it all the time. Do we have a future chef on our hands?


With lots of help from cousins, Evan got to play with his new kitchen for a few minutes while the adults got to my real main event…cake and ice cream.



T’liese made The Pioneer Woman’s Chocolate Sheet Cake and had a few different flavors of ice cream to top it off. She also chopped up some candy bars for a sundae bar. It was delicious, and the kids certainly approved as well.


Heck, I approved, too!

IMG_2635  IMG_2636

After the kids were sufficiently hyped up from a great night, it was time to send them all home. I got to stay a few extra minutes to wrestle with Evan.


Have I mentioned how cute this little guy is? I love spending time with him and miss him when I go too long in between visits.

Happy Second Birthday, Evan!



  1. You're right- I can't believe he's two already! He looks so grown up! I sure wish we could have been there for the festivities! Thanks for sharing these pictures, Micah!

  2. I love that he loves his kitchen! What a sweet boy!


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