Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Officially Cool Shades


When I make important purchases, I prefer to get my grubby hands on the merchandise so I can feel it out. I make sure the quality, shape, size, and ergonomics are just what I want to feel fine and dandy about spending the moola.


After searching for months for the perfect sunglasses, I finally realized that I wasn’t going to be able to feel them up before buying. No store I searched had glasses that even remotely resembled what I wanted. And if we got close on the shape, they were always polarized.


Do you know how impossible it is to see cockpit indications when you have polarized glasses? Nothing can be seen inside. Sure, it protects the sun from burning my retinas (or does it?), but I can’t see a dang thing for flying the airplane.


That could be seen as a problem by some.


So last week I finally broke down and ordered some online. I did plenty of research, but this time with reading reviews and articles instead of playing with them in person.


Sean Tucker wears these sunglasses. So does Patty Wagstaff. They are two of my favorite aerial stunt show pilots, so I knew I was on the right track when I learned about VedaloHD.


I’ve held back on buying sunglasses for a long time. It seems like the more I spend on those eye-protector things, the more likely they are to fall on asphalt. Or was that just me imagining it?


But with constant squinting going on in flight and while driving around the Valley of the Sun, I knew I had to do something to keep my eyes safe and keep crows feet at bay.


They arrived last week. I waited all day for the UPS guy to show up. I heard the truck two blocks away and stood by the door like an official creepy lady.

I carefully ripped open the box…it was a big risk to buy them sight-unseen. When I opened that massive and impractical blue case, my heart sang! They were perfect!


And I’ve been wearing them ever since. I really love them. I love that they are aviators without screaming such. I love that they are super-lightweight and can barely be felt while being worn. I love that the side ear pieces are purposely thin enough to sit comfortably underneath my headset while I’m flying.


I just absolutely love them.

And I’ve been wearing them constantly, with no regrets. Getting them on sale helped in that regard, I’m sure, but it just feels so great wearing these beauties that are also protecting my eyesight. If you’re in the market to look cool, these glasses can help. And I would highly recommend them!


  1. Love the sunglasses! They look very cool and piloty. But I really love your chunky yellow necklace! You're just cute.

  2. Love them! They have all the style and you just add more to complete the picture! Very professional, everyone will be jealous, lol! A true cutie to shine among the others, only brighter! :)

  3. Micah, you are beautiful...gorgeous even.
    I would think so even if you weren't my daughter!


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