Friday, April 13, 2012

A Useful New Toy

My old HP laptop is crap. I’ve had it for over five years. I bought it just as Windows Vista was coming out, but the purchase ended up being nothing but a nightmare. Every time I performed a Windows Update, some other component on my computer would stop working. Sometimes the sound would die. Other times the CD drive. In fact, I went about three years without the CD drive even acknowledging that anything was in it! Talk about silly!


In addition, the three USB drives were schizophrenic. IF they worked, they were slower than tar at Christmas time. And they would often go kaput in the middle of a downloading-camera-pictures project. Never a good thing. Especially since I take lots of pictures.


Being married to a computer geek has countless benefits, but even he couldn’t fix these constant problems. He upgraded my RAM a few years ago, only to have the computer work so hot that it could only be used with a cooling device underneath. Which needed to be plugged into the laptop’s hopefully-operating USB drive…you get the idea. It was nice having a slightly faster computer, but the heat was killer.


I’ve sent the computer in twice for warranty work. And the battery doesn’t last long enough to boot the computer up before needing to be plugged in. Can you tell how much I just love this laptop? About six months ago, Hubby loaded Windows 7 onto my old lappy. Heaven-sent, for sure! After fighting Vista for years, it was nice to have things actually open on my computer.


But it would still crash without warning, thus losing all of my precious work. So I decided to never store anything on the laptop hard drive, since at any moment it could all disappear into thin air. My external hard drive worked well…when the USB drive was cooperating!


About a month ago, my laptop died yet again. Rather than throwing it across the yard into the pool, I asked Hubby if it might be time to look into getting me a new machine. I use it all the time and need to have it working properly.


To my great surprise and delight, he agreed!


So we did lots of research and found this Lenovo on sale. It’s a pretty sweet deal. And it works! And the USB drives work…all four of them! And the DVD/Blu-Ray drive works! The battery lasts almost five hours. I am still in shock.


So if you need to be in touch with me, I can say now with some hint of confidence that I can be in touch with you! And blogging is a dream on a machine that works!

Any new toys lately that greatly improve the quality of your life?


  1. WOW! Bravo, bravo! So cool and way high-tech! Gives me an idea when I need a laptop :) Love it til it dies, oh yeah! (Which will be centuries from Congrats!

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  3. Hey Micah How are you doing? Mike is sitting right beside me and told me to tell you hi also. We hope you are well and love keeping up with you through your blog.


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