Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Flying to Call-Ee-Phone-Yaw


Have I mentioned lately how much I love my job? I really do. Some ice got loaded onto the airplane for the short flight over to Los Angeles, but it all melted in the 108-degree heat!


I always wipe down the inside and outside of the airplane to make the proper presentation for Glady’s owners. I want them to know that she has good personal hygiene skills. Also, this particular cleaner is great on the wood, metal, glass, and every other surface. And it smells amazing, so the airplane is nice and fresh when my passengers climb on board.


Here I am in back folding the seat belts and placing the newspapers for easy access. I try to make the flight as comfortable for them as possible. Being pampered is always a good thing. If I knew how to give pedicures, I would be a triple-threat.


This is the airshow that shows up on the Rosen displays in back. We have two of these screens near the seats, and one screen that can flip down from the ceiling up by the cockpit. Sometimes I feel like I am flying a Suburban! My passengers can and have also watched movies on this system. As I am sure they will tomorrow on two long flights.

I love that they can see our progress of the flight, though I also love when they tap us on the shoulder to talk to us to see how things are up front, too. They know how fast we are going and how long until we land with this airshow. Who needs a flight attendant?!


Holding short Runway 21, ready for takeoff. With traffic flow into the Los Angeles area, we had to wait a few minutes for our IFR release from Phoenix Departure. Even in the air, there are simply too many people in California for them to handle!


Goodbye, Phoenix! Can you see that haze? We have a fire north of us that is burning, and the smoke it just hanging out just north of town. It’s not normally this hazy.


Well, looky here. We flew right over the fire! It’s a really big one. I feel bad for the guys fighting it. It’s going to be a very long fire fighting season for them if they are already starting.


With some smooth talking, we got cleared to Palmdale for the LYNXX 8 Arrival into Los Angeles. Even though we are not landing at the main airport, they have to line up all the incoming traffic to prevent being the main story on the evening news.


Hi, Palmdale! Cute little city. You can’t quite see it (just to the right of my winglet), but Edwards Air Force Base is in the far distance with its 12,000-foot runways and the possibility to double that into a dry lake bed. They land the shuttle here when Texas has bad weather. That was in the good ol’ days when we had a space program. Do you remember?


This is on our turn to line up for the ILS to Runway 16R. We always fly over this mine. I can’t believe they allow mining operations here! Maybe it’s tucked away in the hills and nobody knows it’s there? We are on about a fifteen-mile final for the runway at this point.


We landed at Van Nuys today. Hi, Tower!


Once again, we were treated like royalty by Pentastar Aviation. These guys are great, and I am always relieved when we come here because I know everything will be done well for us.

The only downside was that a Gulfstream V parked just as we were trying to leave, and we had to squeeze past him with the help of the line guys walking both wings.

We made it. No scratches anywhere. Phew!


Since the ramp was a little slow when we first landed, I grabbed fuel from them so I could be ready for our flight home later on. We landed at 11:00 AM and were to be here for about ten hours. Not enough time to run to Disneyland for the day, dangit. I checked.


Gladys is looking fine and fit. I think she has been working out, and you can really tell it from the side view.


This wasn’t even the Gulfstream that blocked our way out! This place was hopping all day long, and it amazes me what big airplanes are in and out of this tiny ramp. Shockingly, we were one of the smaller planes on the ramp today. We can’t compete with these big guys, who can seat eighteen people in huge recliners!

They probably have golden sinks in the lavatory, too. And bowling alleys down the aisle.


This is a turboprop mades by EADS Socata called the TBM700. Very pretty airplane. It would be a great option when Hubby and I are ready to buy our own. They start at around $3 million. Pocket change, right?


We were surprised with a call at 7:00 that our passengers were on their way back! Good thing I wasn’t waiting in line for the Matterhorn, huh? After a nice lunch and some shopping, I worked on my laptop until the call came.

It was fun to sit outside while working to watch the airplanes. I never tire of watching airplanes come in and out of a place. I’m glad I like airplanes as much as I do, since I kinda end up being around them a lot in my work situation.


Goodbye, Los Angeles! Goodbye, Cheesecake Factory! Goodbye, sweet Urban Home!


Pollution always makes the prettiest sunsets! This is the earliest I’ve ever left LA, so it was fun to see it all in the daylight hours on departure.


By the time we landed at home, it was about 8:30 PM and dark. Once on frequency with Albuquerque Center, I was able to get a shortcut to fly away from the ARLIN3 Arrival into Phoenix. If I’m nice to the controllers, they are usually pretty nice to me!


It was still 95 degrees when we landed, and the pitot tubes never cooled enough to put on the covers. That’s OK, since we are flying in a just a few days anyway. I am just glad that my drive home was in a car with air conditioning!

The day trip was nice. We have a big trip coming up tomorrow, so today will be busy getting ready for it. I do indeed love my job.


  1. All of your LA posts are making me home sick. My husband use to fly out of Whiteman and than his old company moved to Van Nuys airport.

  2. Great pics as usual, sis.

    BTW, the Matterhorn is down for refurbishing...sheesh, EVERYONE knows that! lol


  3. Wow! What an exciting job you have! I consider my day exciting if I get to drive across the river to the mall:) BTW your comment on pollution making the best sunset..isn't it wonderful that God can take something that's bad and make it beautiful? Be careful up there! Emma


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