Friday, May 4, 2012

Happiness Comes in Boxes


There are many things in life that make me happy.


Ice cream on a hot summer day (or cold winter day. I’m not very picky in this arena).


Old people holding hands.


A trip to Crate and Barrel.


And packages on my porch when I arrive home.

IMG_4107  IMG_4108

I get per diem with this new job, and I’ve been so careful with the money over the past 2.5 months. It has really worked, because I have saved quite a bit of moola. The goal is to get a few things that we need without dipping into our budget money.


I was casually looking on my Amazon Wish List on Monday and saw that my Calphalon Contemporary Nonstick 11-Piece set was on sale. Like, the cheapest I’ve ever seen. Other people look at their own wish lists, right? Or is that kinda weird?


I sent that text message to Hubby, letting him know the good sale news and asking if I could act on it and finally make them ours.


Whoever hit my husband over the head just as he was typing back and made him say, “sure,” thank you! I owe you one!


Thanks to free two-day shipping, I unloaded this beauty on Wednesday. With each additional piece that I removed from the box, I ooooooed and aaaaahed and immediately thought of things to cook.


I am so tickled. We’ve needed new pots since the beginning of time. Our mismatched set of a pieces from our before-marriage days wasn’t holding up any more. How much of that nonstick coating can we eat before it becomes a problem, anyway?

IMG_4122  IMG_4125

Thanks to some careful free money, we were able to replace them for good. And the old pots and pans will be making an appearance at Goodwill today for someone else to love.


Meanwhile, I am absolutely elated with this new little addition. Since these pots and pans have a lifetime guarantee, I don’t see us needing new any time soon. The unfortunate news is that I mentioned their lifespan to Hubby.


What did he say? “I’m going to hold you to that “no-pot” thing.”



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  1. your house looks great. Come and decorate mine. You have an eye for decor. How are you guys?


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