Thursday, May 31, 2012

This Vacation Thing is Hard


I’m not really on vacation, mind you. I am working hard every second of every day. And it’s not easy being able to come to St. Thomas for my occupation as a corporate pilot. But I’m a team player, remember?


My third day in paradise was just as nice as my previous two days in paradise. The good news is that I was able to avoid iguanas and simply enjoy my day.


Lunch ended up being a great decision. I walked through the Marriott property towards the Morning Star to the east.


I had a lovely view of my hotel from the boardwalk. I don’t know how iguanas and cacti manage to live in the same place on earth, but apparently weird things like that can happen in paradise.


No one touched these courts, but they are rather nice, huh? The lack of exercise on everyone else’s part helped me feel better about my Ben and Jerry’s intake this week.


See? Lots of stairs, which practically counts as exercise if you do it right.


The beaches here are white sand, but because of the location on the south end of the island, they receive some pretty big waves. I never got into the water at the hotel because of this dilemma. It seemed that the sand-to-enjoyment wasn’t worth the risk.


This is the beach at the Morning Star. The water is clear blue and warm. The beach at Anguilla was certainly nicer, in my opinion. The St. Thomas beaches were covered in things-to-avoid-while-barefoot material. And I saw many a crab duck into the sand when people approached.

You probably know by now that that I’m not particularly fond of critters sneaking up on me.


CoCo Joes was my destination for lunch. Like everywhere else, the prices were a little high. I selected the Black Bean Nachos with Spiced Flank Steak. Luckily, I had passed a table where a 115-pound woman was putting the nachos away like I’d never seen. They looked tasty enough to try on my own. And I don’t even weight 115 pounds!


Good grief.

I am ashamed to admit that almost this entire plate went to waste. I ate as much as I could, and when I looked down, my plate still looked like just like it had when it was brought to my table. It made me, yet again, wish that Hubby was present to polish it off. He would have loved these jalapeño-covered nachos.

But they were delicious. This was probably the second-best meal I ate all week.


Oddly enough, CoCo Joes doesn’t make its own guacamole or salsa for that price. I ate some of the guac anyway, just to be polite.


And then I began the calorie-burning hike back to my hotel. I walked up and down a few flights of stairs and called it good.

My heart rate didn’t get up from exercise but from the breath-taking views that my camera kept insisting it record.


All in all, I would consider my third day on the island to be a success.


I guess it all depends on how people measure success. I prefer to measure it by how long I can sit in a pool lounge chair without dipping my feet over the side into the water to cool off.

Man, I love my job.


  1. And you get paid for that?!...hehe..just kidding, wtg....

    1. I KNOW! I just keep my fingers crossed that they don't wake up one morning and realize how happy I am. Though it is pretty hard to suppress a smile at work...


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