Thursday, June 7, 2012

Where to Go to Ruin a Perfectly-Good Tan


I am at work this week, but not somewhere tropical and lush. After my past two trips to the Caribbean for work, it was quite a different locale to be in Bremerton, Washington near Seattle on Monday morning.


Escaping the triple-digit heat in Phoenix actually sounded like a pretty good deal to me. I didn’t even care that our week-long destination was somewhere that never sees sunshine.


The highest temperature this week is going to be 63 degrees. Most days stayed in the 50s and brought with them lots of drizzle.

Guess where my jacket is? On my bed at home so I don’t forget to bring it. Neat, huh?


Goodbye, Scottsdale! See you in six days!


In the great distance is a beautiful view of Sedona. Doesn’t this look like a nice place? In just two months, I will be here for a week with my family for our family reunion. Family Olympics, anyone?


Well, hello, Grand Canyon. Visiting you last fall in-person with Hubby was quite a treat. I don’t know how it took four hours to reach you by car when I am here in just fifteen minutes by air in my beautiful Gladys.


It was hard to take pictures of our descent into the Seattle area since it was overcast. In between cloud layers, you can see some mountains in the distance. And Gladys’ pretty winglet. Lookin’ good, Gladys!

Then we were back in the clouds again until about four miles from Runway 01 on the RNAV approach.


The first thing that I noticed from the sky is all of the beautiful yellow flowers covering the entire airport. I guess this flower wreaks havoc on allergies in the spring, but we were lucky enough to arrive during a week of rain. So no smelly allergy stuff.

I’m pretty lucky that I don’t have any allergy problems. That would simply be awful.


It was 52 degrees when we landed. There was a broken layer at 1,200 feet, and another at 2,000 feet underneath an overcast layer at 3,800 feet. Needless to say, we were the only thing landing at Bremerton Airport in the last hour.


Gladys will be here for a few days until we head back to Scottsdale with two passengers on Saturday morning. Then we turn around back to Bremerton with two different passengers.

It sounds like I lost the thumb wrestling match, so we will then be flying home again that night for a few weeks of maintenance in Mesa. I was hoping that six hours of flying and about ten hours of work would be it for the day, but it sounds like Saturday will be a long one. I would prefer to spend the night so we can fly home as rested individuals on Sunday morning.

Instead, we will fly back home on Saturday night to Mesa-Gateway for maintenance. I will then have to drive an hour to Scottsdale to get my car, and then drive another half-hour home from there. I will be a long night.

I hate losing thumb wrestling matches. At least I get to enjoy a week here.


  1. Micah.....I NEE YOUR HELP WITH MY BLOG!!! Will you go and read it and let me know what I should do. I will just hand it over to you password and everything (plus a big pile of cash) if you can help me out with this problem. THANKS!!!!!

  2. I love the beautiful, lush, cool and refreshing Pacific Northwest. To me that is paradise. Except I am not much for snow. I hope you enjoy your stay.

  3. I just read "My Hubby". SWEET!


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