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How to Throw a 4th of July Party!

So, you’re hosting a party tomorrow to celebrate the founding of this wonderful country. You open up your decorating cupboard (everyone has one, right?) and panic because you have absolutely nothing patriotic with which to host such a shindig.

What do you do?!

Take a deep breath. Eat a bowl of ice cream. And then go to World Market to stock up on all sorts of summer and Independence Day goodies.


Well, we’re already off to a great start. When you walk into the store and immediately see the color theme that you’re seeking, it’s a good sign.

Isn’t this a cute table setting? They went kind of nautical with their freedom display this year. I’m not much of a nautical-themed fan, as pictures of creepy lighthouses and neon dolphins always come to mind.

But this? Very tasteful. We could easily host a party with this display!


Especially if we can use some red coral soup spoons. Sure, soup might be impractical on one of the hottest days of the summer. Maybe we’ll make a cold soup this year…


More proof that I should become a sewing monster? This is pretty cute, but I’m certain that I could make an even better version to celebrate the 4th of July. If I sewed, that is.

Since I don’t sew, we can get a few of these banners to hang behind our food table for the day. It’s kind of a Donny-and-Marie thing going on…the red gingham pattern is a little country, and the blue and white stars are a little rock n’ roll.

Has anyone seen their show in Vegas? I bet it would be great! Man, I’m old.

Where was I?


Giant jugs, that’s where I was! I love these colorful barrels for drinks. Storing liquids in here for guests is any easy way to keep everyone hydrated with yummy flavors. But while I love these festive colors for Independence Day, it’s a little impractical to not see how much is left inside so you can ensure it full.

People drink a lot when they’re thirsty. It’s a crazy phenomenon.

I’m a fan of getting pieces that last in many situations. These jugs are cool, but I’m glad I have just a plain ‘ol clear one to see what’s going on.


And who wouldn’t want to show up to your party to eat red, white, and blue tortilla chips? Talk about festive! In a giant white bowl so they really pop? This is a gourmet way to celebrate our country’s freedom, I tell you. Freedom Chips!


These aren’t edible, but you might as well get dressed up for your 4th of July party. Aren’t these silver earrings pretty? Or the red ones? World Market has a great selection of jewelry from around the world, so you might as well look hot on this great day.

And I don’t mean sweaty hot. I mean smokin’ hot.


The best part about this necklace is that is can be used for more than just your awesome Fourth celebration! You could wear this pretty necklace out to dinner with your man, or even out for some errands on the town.

Just kidding. In this heat, I avoid necklaces like the plague. But if you live somewhere that metal won’t burn into your skin upon touch, then this could be the perfect addition to your party-throwing outfit!

We’re covering all of the bases here, huh? Don’t you love this store?


Turn on some Barry White and light these puppies up! We might as well add some atmosphere on the dinner table with some pretty hurricanes and candles. These candles even have a nice, beachy scent.

Your festive guests will appreciate your futile attempts to keep mosquitos at bay.


This small couch just screams “Sit on me during this party!”

Of course, it might have something to do with the fun patriotic pillows being displayed. These will make any party you’re throwing more fun, so you might as well stock up. If people see these on your couch, they’ll know that they are celebrating in the correct place.


If you want more of a low-key approach to summer, this pillow fits the bill. I love the big buttons but wonder if it would wrinkle easily because it’s made of linen.

“Don’t touch that! It will wrinkle! But I’m glad you made it to our Fourth party.”

Ahhhhhh. Soda. In multiple flavors. I absolutely love having bottled soda in an ice bucket for any party, but especially for a party celebrating our breakup with Mother England. Don’t you think that your guests deserve to have a pig in hand during your fun evening?


Oh, sorry. This is what I meant when I said pig in hand. No, it’s not necessary to have live pigs running around during your planned festivities. Unless you like that kind of thing.

I’ve heard that pigs eat firecrackers, anyway. Just drink your pigs instead, to play it safe.


It’s time for more table decorations! Imagine with me, if you will, that each of these glass jars is filled with a different color of M&Ms. Red, white, and blue, of course. Cute, huh?

If this is attempted, might I recommend keeping them indoors? M&Ms do melt in your hand, and in glass apothecary jars, despite Mars’ suggesting otherwise. Giants clumps of melted M&Ms are still edible, mind you, but it’s a heck of a lot easier to eat them as individual pieces.

Should I lie and tell you that I wouldn’t know from experience?


Man, I’m so easy to get distracted in here. We’re planning a 4th of July party for tomorrow, remember?

So providing seating for your lucky guests is never a bad thing. And please take note how wonderful these plastic wicker chairs could be on your patio for the party!

I love that they are cushioned, since chairs tend to get hard after a while. Especially if you’ve gotten a few pigs in you as the evening progresses…


Luckily, our patio is covered. But if you’re hiding from the sun during your Independence Party, you might as well do it in style with this gigantic sun umbrella for over your patio table. If you look at this while squinting, it almost looks like it could pass for red, white, and blue.

Maybe the yellow spots are just the fireworks that evening?


Well, if we’re going all out, and we probably are thanks to panicking about our last-minute party preparations, we might as well pick up a few of these metal side tables in patriotic colors.

Your guests can place their burgers and sodas on these while they visit and marvel at your keen decorating skills. And, worse-case scenario, you’ll be able to use the tables year-round!

I like the blue ones in particular. Surprised?


You know how I love me some white dishes, too. I know that it seems boring, but these guys go with any party theme! You can jazz things up with a bright tablecloth, patriotic napkins, and festive napkin rings. Don’t forget that your centerpieces can be colorful and full of pizazz.

But owning some plain, classic white dishes to serve your guests will allow you to be set for every party forever!


And if you always have crowds over, and if your Hubby is willing to do the dishes, then these buffet plates in sets of twelve would be a great addition to your pantry. You can easily store them away when not needed for entertaining, but how nice is it to have enough plates on hand for this, your greatest party of the year (so far)?

They have dinner and salad plates, bowls, and mugs in these sets. Perfect!


Speaking of drinking (we were, weren’t we?), they have every glass that your party could possibly need. If you want to make virgin margaritas, this could be a great starting point. Or maybe we will serve strawberry lemonade out of those festive jugs? Glasses for just such an occasion can be found here!

If someone complains about the lack of selection in World Market’s drink ware section, we need to worry about their expectations in life.


Oh my heck. I want these. Perfect dishes for fruit, desserts, or sorbet. I would only serve one of those three at my Fourth party, but I bet you can guess which one.

And I love little things, so these guys are perfect. Alas, they did not find their way into my cart. I didn’t get a cart, just in case I found something like this.


How about baking a fruit tart brownie sundae in one of these ramekins? You can find any size and shape and color that you would possible want! I especially like the little green, yellow, blue, and white ones on the lower right. So fun!


And finally, what party would be complete without seating for adults and kids alike? You’ll have a hard time getting people to leave after the fireworks if your place looks this good, so choose these Adirondack chairs carefully.

Now you’re ready for tomorrow! You can plan an entire party around the selections in this store. Now…when do I show up?

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  1. It would be so fun to go window shopping with you! It is fun window shopping with you on your blog. Except "creepy light houses"? Do you think all light houses are creepy or just certain ones? I like light houses. Not so keen on coral utensils, myself. I do really like white dishes. Can you believe I have never been to World Market? Lead me not into temptation, I am a poor girl. ok, a poor old woman.


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