Friday, August 10, 2012

I Still Don’t Know How to Spell Coeur d’Alene


So after just a few short hours in Provo, where I got to eat lunch with my Mama and little brother, we were on our way to the skies once again.

As we left the ramp, I enjoyed some beautiful eye candy.

The “little” guy in front is the Socata TBM 850, a jet-propelled propeller airplane that goes high and fast. I wouldn’t mind one in my stocking, if one insisted.


And this beautiful beast is the Hawker 4000, also known as the Horizon. I have only seen about five of these giants in my travels over the past few years, so it was neat to see it in person on the ramp in Provo.

I wouldn’t mind one of these, either, if people were handing out stuff.


There were also some funky-shaped cargo planes and even a homebuilt on the ramp.


This is my favorite picture of the day…as we’re just departing Provo Municipal Airport. Isn’t that green water beautiful? I don’t know why the lake is green, but it made for a good shot. So I won’t complain too loudly!


Here we are over Utah Lake on our way northward. For the first time with this new job, we are headed to Ideeho today!

Coeur d’Alene, to be exact.


Considering that there were about eight jet arrivals and departures in just the twenty minutes that we watched, I am shocked that Coeur d’Alene doesn’t have a control tower. This place was busy!


It was a nice flight. Once we were safely above the SLC traffic, we were cleared direct to Couer d’Alene. I love shortcuts and try to get them on every flight.


We went pretty high, which meant it was nippy outside. And, since my window was facing away from the warm sun, I got to enjoy some neat ice crystals forming on the window as we flew farther north.


Less than an hour later, we were nearing the beautiful green valleys of northwestern Idaho. My Mama lived near here for a few years as a teenager, so I hope that these pictures bring back good memories.

Coming from the desert, it is always shocking to see green in the middle of the summer.


And a pretty lake! Ours almost dry up thanks to the 119-degree weather outside. (Yes, it’s been that hot for the past few days. Can I move away now?)


We are lining up for a base-to-final entry for Runway 5. No wind, and it’s a gorgeous day in Ideeho!


We made it! I unloaded the airplane and helped to load the passengers’ car with their luggage. After getting them on their way, we got Gladys ready for a few nights on the ramp. And we loaded up our rental car with crew luggage.


And, while doing all of the luggage, lots of pretty airplanes rolled by. You already know how much I love the Citation Sovereign!


And then a pretty Falcon joined the party. I can’t believe that this place has so many big boys but no control tower to help get them in and out safely!


What? You want a closer view of the Falcon 2000? Well, alrighty then. It is a beauty, isn’t it? This guy is huge and can go fast and far. Yes, please.


I can never get enough of airplane-viewing, but I guess it’s time to leave the airport and head to the hotel to get settled in. It’s Monday afternoon, and we will be in Coeur d’Alene until Wednesday afternoon. Fun! I’ve never been here before!


We stayed in the Holiday Inn Express, which was connected to a water park and miniature golf facility. Because the guy picking up my passengers also happened to own this hotel, I got a free pass to the bowling, go-karts, and mini golf.

Am I spoiled or what?


Also, through being nice to the front desk people, I was upgraded to a suite. I think it just means that I now got a fireplace with a floral arrangement. Thanks to the 96-degree weather over the two days, the fireplace stayed off. For some reason.


I borrowed our rental car to run some errands, including grabbing dinner.

I didn’t realize it until I was texting my Dad, but I had pizza a few different occasions while on the road for this two-week trip! Pizza for dinner tonight!

And, like I always try to do, a chain restaurant was avoided to try a local place instead. Tonight, it happened to be the Mackenzie River Pizza Company. And it was gooooood!


The décor was so cute, as was the menu. They had a giant canoe suspended from the ceiling. I wasn’t sitting directly underneath it, thank goodness, but got to enjoy it from afar.


And the menu selection was wonderful, too. Even with all of these exciting flavors, I still decided on my usual pepperoni-and-black-olives routine. Is that boring? I just know what I like and am glad that I got it. It was delicious!


And, while getting some shopping done, I discovered this t-shirt. Doesn’t this crack you up? I loved it! Too funny for words. Can you believe that this was on clearance?!

We shall end for the day with a patriotic cat!


  1. I can neither spell nor pronounce Coeur d’Alene.

    Isn't it kind of scary flying in and out without a controller? How do you guys manage to be sure where everyone is?

    I think it is cool that you get to go to different places and how much you really appreciate each. Love the enthusiasm and sense of adventure!

    1. It's actually even more fun for me, because I get to talk on the radio even more to let people know where we are. They also get to tell us where THEY are. We see-and-avoid, which is what all pilots are trained to do. It doesn't make me nervous to have no controller. I love controllers, but sometimes it's nice to come to an uncontrolled field, too!

      Bremerton, where I've been a LOT this summer, is also uncontrolled. And busy, as long as the weather is nice! It's just an extra element of fun when arriving at an airport.


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