Monday, August 27, 2012

Roasted Corn and Tomato Soup from Our Best Bites


Now that we are back to eating healthy, I have been on the hunt for delicious recipes that are filling without being full of calories. It was heaven-sent to find this recipe from Our Best Bites on the very day that I was searching!

These are the main ingredients. Tomatoes, sweet corn on the cob, and an onion the size of a small planet. (Not you, Pluto. Sorry.)

Don’t be alarmed at the sheer quantity of these ingredients, as I doubled the recipe to freeze half of it for later.


You won’t believe me when I tell you this, but corn on the cob is my all-time favorite food. That means that it beats out ice cream, chocolate, and warm rolls with butter!

I know! I can’t believe it, either! But then, I take a bite of fresh corn on the cob and am reminded…

Give it a try if it’s been too long for you. Make sure that you have enough butter, salt, and pepper on board to make it worth your time.


I love Roma tomatoes and buy some almost every time I’m at the store.


And I was pleasantly surprised at the nice little spicy kick that came from adding roasted red peppers to the soup after the corn and tomatoes had simmered together. It’s very mild but adds a whole nutha dimension to an already-delicious soup.


Ah, the star of the show. It is quite a process to shuck eight cobs of corn, but the end result was totally worth it.


Actually, it kind of looked like a blonde Cousin Itt from the Adamms Family. These guys had lots of beach-blonde hair to pry away!


And soon, they were ready for their close-up. I really love corn, so it deserves lots of photo ops.


Just put these suckers in a bowl and dice away the kernels from the cob. You won’t regret all of the hard work, I assure you.


I mixed it with the diced Roma tomatoes and some olive oil and salt and pepper before sautéing in a pan on the stove. Prepare yourself for the most wonderful smells right about now.


Add some chicken broth and simmer. Simmer simmer simmer. I love my cast iron pot, too.


While the tomatoes and corn are mingling with the chicken broth, cut up the roasted red peppers to go in next. These were so sweet and yet just a little hot. What a perfect combination!

Like corn on the cob and butter!


Then, once everything had mingled long enough, I threw it in the blender to combine all the goodness. Because I had doubled the batch, it took four turns in the blender before all of the soup was mixed up. I love the little chunks of corn still left over. It added a nice thickness to the soup.


Before serving, check for flavors and add a little more salt and pepper, if desired. There are so many incredible flavors in this pot, and salt helps to bring them all out.


Of course, all soup is better with homemade croutons. So I cut up some whole wheat bread and toasted them with some butter.


Holy smokes. Heaven in a bowl!


And, if your Hubby happens to be working from home for the day, make him a grilled cheese sandwich to dip into the soup. I mixed provolone cheese and sharp cheddar cheese on grilled whole wheat bread to make him love me more.


Serve it up nice and hot and steamy!


I know it seems odd that I would want soup in Arizona in August, but we happened to eat this on an overcast day. So, this is a perfect soup to enjoy from inside with air conditioning!


And perhaps the best part for me is the nutritional information. A huge serving of 1.5 cups has only 160 calories. That doesn’t count my homemade croutons, but I factored those into my daily calorie allotment.

This soup is good, and I ate it all week. Soup is just filling and hearty and wonderful. Especially when it’s 109 degrees outside.

Try their recipe today! It would be a wise decision!

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