Friday, September 7, 2012

All Good Things Must Come to an End

It was bound to happen eventually…that Mama and I would have to leave Disneyland and get on with our lives. We sat in the lobby of the hotel to contemplate such horrible ideas.

And then, our ride showed up. And we had to leave.


We dropped Mom off at the John Wayne Orange County terminal, then headed to Atlantic to pick up Gladys.

This little guy is a Citation Mustang.


This is the Citation X (the old version), which was the fastest corporate jet in the market for a few years. Supposedly, their new version, the Ten, is once again the fastest.

Why don’t we just break the sound barrier with corporate aviation and get it over with! We are getting so close! I think the new Ten goes 0.95 Mach! Sheesh.


There were lots of big, beautiful, and expensive airplanes on the ramp today. Getting Gladys ready for our flight back to Bremerton was lots of fun because of all this eye candy.


Good morning, Gladys! We would have been here an hour earlier, but it literally took us eighty minutes to travel the twelve miles from the hotel. Man, I hate California traffic.

I would just have to live at Disneyland to make this work.


As we taxied to the runway for takeoff, we passed the airline terminal. I fly commercially so rarely (thank goodness!), but I am a fan of Southwest Airlines.


Orange County only has one runway, surprisingly. So it was a long taxi to get from one end of the airport, where we had parked for our three-day stay, to the beginning of the runway for departure towards the west.


We finally got our IFR release and taxied onto the runway. Because of the single runway here, you have to be ready to go so that no giant airliner behind you ever has to go-around and try again.

We were ready. And Gladys is always ready.


As you can see, we departed Runway 19R. And, as you can see, Orange County tower is microscopic.


Window glares can be so annoying, but this could have been an awesome shot of the Los Angeles beaches! I like that we can see an inland harbor, too, no-doubt full of lots of expensive and massive yachts.

Hubby and I park our massive yacht somewhere similar to this…


Goodbye, Southern California! I am sure that I will see you again really soon. I just wish that I could wear Mickey Mouse ears when doing it. I don’t know when I will get to go back to Disneyland, but I already know that it will be too long.


I love this shot of downtown Los Angeles. Talk about a concrete jungle!


It was a nice, uneventful flight home to Bremerton. I have been here so much this past seven months that it feels like a second home! And I’m actually OK with that.


The usual Seattle overcast layer greeted us as we descended into Bremerton today. After such perfect weather in California, it was nice to see something so cloudy!


And here we are, underneath the layer of clouds, to land at Bremerton. Because of flying schedules, we are actually leaving Gladys here for about four days while we commercial home from Seattle-Tacoma.

It was a terrible experience riding home on US ScAirways. I will tell you how awful on Monday.

Have a great weekend! I am off to explore one of my favorite cities, New York!

Man, I love my job…

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