Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Seattle is Better with Hubby


This morning we woke up to a beautiful day. It’s almost like we were supposed to take the ferry over to Seattle to enjoy the beautiful weather!


Speak of the devil! Here is our ride to the city that I love. It will take us about an hour to get over.


We walked along the harbor to get to the ferry terminal, which is a whole two blocks from our hotel. I love how close everything is in downtown Bremerton. Anthony’s is a fancy fish restaurant. Since I don’t like fish and usually don’t like fancy, I have yet to try this place.


And, as you can see, we were leaving a Blackberry Festival in full swing. Since we had so much fun here yesterday, I don’t feel like we’re missing out today!


The ferry ride was chilly since we hadn’t given the morning as much time to warm up yet. But just the hour on the ferry was enough to get things more in my range…the seventies!

Isn’t this guy handsome?


So I picked out homes to live in, just like I always do on this ride.


Can you imagine living in something that looks like a lighthouse?! I love each and every one of these.


Lots of people (mostly manly men) braved the cold wind of the ferry’s ride to enjoy the views from outside. I was only out here long enough to snap a few shots. Then I was back in the safety and warmth of the interior cabin.


It’s in sight! I always get goose bumps right about now. I am tickled that this day can be spent with Hubby in Seattle. How lucky am I?


A big, beautiful cruise ship was at port today. In fact, there were six ships here today! It was a busy place, but a surprisingly large amount of shops and eateries were closed for the holiday weekend.


Downtown Seattle with an airplane flying over. Angels choir, do your thing!


Like always, the ferry made quite a bit of commotion when docking this morning. They put it into reverse thrust to slow down and glide into the docking bay gently.


Since it was almost lunch time, our first order of business was to walk the five blocks to Delicatus near Pioneer Square. I loved this place last time and couldn’t wait to experience it with Hubby.


Unfortunately for us and a million other people today, Delicatus was one of the many places that had given the weekend off to their employees.

I was bummed. And then my stomach rumbled. And I started to worry where we were going to grab a bite!


So we walked towards Pike Place Market hoping to find something edible and affordable. Some nice lady offered to take this picture for us when she saw me trying to hold the camera.

I’m so glad that she did. I love that we have a picture of us in front of the sign!


While we wandered looking for food (that sounds so archeological!), I was wishing that I had a smart phone to look something up. But soon, we stumbled across a place to eat…Steelhead Diner.


And it was wonderful. This is my ideal type of restaurant…a place that I wouldn’t get to try often. I love breaking out of the chain restaurants and finding someplace new and delicious!


To my surprise, Hubby agreed to split a few items. He opted for the Painted Hills Oregon Beef Burger, which was yummy.


And I decided that the waffle at breakfast hadn’t filled my carbs quota for the day…so I ordered a dish of Baked Macaroni.


The diner was packed! Lots of people had stumbled across this open establishment today. We lucked out and didn’t have to wait since they had just a few tables still left.


I didn’t find a need for this on any of my food, but isn’t the tag cool?


I got to look at this during my entire meal. Lucky me! What a handsome man!


He had to look at me. This is my hungry face.

IMG_2294  IMG_2295

Before our meal arrived, we received a basket of fresh bread and some oil/butter/pesto mixture to dip. Needless to say, this didn’t last long. More carbs, right?!


And then, the main event arrived. With no disappointment on our side.


But this. Oh boy. This was the highlight of the meal. And perhaps of the entire day!


If you are ever anywhere near Pike Place, I suggest coming to Steelhead Diner and ordering the Baked Macaroni. I was this close to ordering another dish for us. It was that good.


Anyway, moving on from a perfect lunch…we headed out to explore Pike Place Market on full stomachs.

IMG_2312  IMG_2314

And, luckily, my favorite thing about this place was in full swing…the flower market!


The entire market was packed with people. Maybe it had something to do with the six cruise ships at port? So we didn’t spend much time in here today but continued into more open spaces.


And we found this advertisement on the side of a building…and I fell in love. It’s just so cool!


We also found some more graffiti along our way. It’s hard to take pictures through a chain link fence, though.


Soon, we had walked to our next destination of wonder. It’s so fun to show Hubby these neat places since he has never been to Seattle before.

IMG_2349  IMG_2352

And then we passed by the EMP Museum and even saw the Monorail in action going through the building. It reminded me of Disneyland…


Next to the Seattle Center is a beautiful little park where people lounge on the grass. In the middle of summer! Can you imagine! We said hello to this beautiful totem pole.


This was one of my favorite pictures of the day with the sunburst next to the Space Needle.

I am really loving this new camera, by the way.


I was glad to see the Mayan musical group playing at the Center yet again. We sat to listen while watching people wander by. Their music was great!


We wandered through the Space Needle Gift Shop, and I totally scored by buying the last minuscule piece of chocolate walnut fudge. It was just a few bites but was the perfect treat!

I don’t know how I got so lucky.


Next we were off towards downtown yet again. It is such a vibrant city with lots going on.


And these carved bricks were just incredible depicting the various city scenes. How have I missed this before?


Pike Street is one of the major roads. We just walked past today. And helped others find their way, too. How could they have missed one of the hundred Starbucks Coffee Shops?!

IMG_2381E  IMG_2383

We passed Pike Place again on our way to the Post Alley. I wanted to show Hubby the wall of gum, which doesn’t sound very attractive.


And it isn’t. But you can see that it is a pretty popular destination for the tourists. I doubt that many locals come down here to depart with their chewing gum.


We touristed it up and took our picture in front of it, too.


And then we headed back towards the waterfront.


I also love this picture from today. Maybe I’m just on a sunburst kick?

IMG_2408  IMG_2412E

Miners Landing is a prominent tourist spot near the harbor. And we watched a ferry arriving from Bainbridge Island.


I love fire trucks.


And tug boats. And a parasailer. As long as it isn’t me up there! Just kidding…if the water was warm enough, I would probably try parasailing…


By late afternoon, we were ready to board the ferry back to Bremerton. It had been a nice, fun, food-filled day. Just the way I like ‘em!


By the time we got back to Bremerton, we were “hungry” for some dinner. Since it was a holiday weekend, it was hard to find somewhere open in downtown. We tried one of my favorite stops, and it was open!


The menu is full of classic American grub, so Hubby was happy.

IMG_2437  IMG_2438

I decided to get an appetizer for my meal, and Hubby got the Honey Jalapeno Pulled Pork Sandwich. Of course, he substituted his fries for onion rings.


And he liked it all. I even got to try an onion ring, and they were super crispy. Yummy!


And my spinach artichoke dip with bread and pitas was simply incredible.

If it seems that a lot of our weekend revolved around delicious food…you’re right!


But this. Oh this. I don’t even like fruit desserts, but this Blackberry Cobbler might just change my mind forever. It was one of the best desserts I’ve ever enjoyed, and goodness knows that I’ve had my fair share!


Yeah, one picture simply won’t suffice. It had a perfect crunchy yet flaky topping and sweet berries inside. Then it was topped with ice cream and whipped cream. And some sort of concentrated drizzle of goodness on top of it all. It was pure heaven.


Our wonderful day together came to an end with a beautiful harbor view.


  1. Wow! What a nice day.

    Thanks for sharing, sis!


  2. What a great vacation! And don't feel bad about having your trip revolve around food. Sometimes Mom actually keeps a food diary of trips they take!


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