Thursday, October 25, 2012

Zig Zag All Up In Here


I love love love opening my front door and finding a box there waiting for me. Of course, I knew that it was coming today. I track those things religiously and then try to be home when delivery takes place.


So I brought it inside. I knew what it was, which made it even more difficult to hurry with the scissors to open this guy up!


Any ideas yet? It is certainly yellow, but I promise that I did it on purpose.


Still no ideas? It’s a rug! And it’s going in the reading nook by the fireplace. I’ve been searching high and low for a rug for months. But I just couldn’t justify the seemingly-common knowledge that hundreds of dollars would have to be spent for a rug the size that I needed.


In case you’re wondering, this is the naked floor which will soon be covered by yellow happy gladness! See how bare it is? I bet it feels pretty awkward with me taking pictures of it in such a naked state.


I found this guy at Urban Outfitters. It’s a 5’x7’ rug, which was the perfect size for this space. Free two-day shipping. Did I mention that it was crazy affordable?!


It came all the way from India, which means it also brought some interesting smells for a few days. Those have since gone away, and now the rug is perfect.


You know, because there certainly wasn’t enough color already happening in this little corner…


But I’m really tickled with it. I love how bright and fun it is. It really livens up the space while still keeping with the theme of our home. I can honestly say that I want to sit here and read books more often because of this rug!


It ties in well with what is already going on down in this nook.

I’m so excited that my little pea brain finally decided what to do with this fireplace wall, too, to make it a feature in the room! Hopefully we can get that project done this winter while working on the backyard, too.


You probably didn’t know that I let my pea brain do the thinking around here. Usually, it doesn’t steer me wrong. I just had to wait for inspiration to hit, which took way too long this time around. But don’t tell Pea Brain that I said so.


Isn’t the rug pattern awesome? I really dig it. I knew that I would know the perfect rug when I finally found it, and that is exactly what happened here. In fact, I didn’t even hesitate when ordering, like I normally do. It just felt right, so I proceeded without guilt!


It has been out for a few weeks already, and the folds are starting to disappear.

I want people to feel welcome and comfortable in our home, and I hope that this bright, fun, happy rug helps with that overall goal.


And I love how it peeks out even from other rooms. You can still see the yellow from the kitchen and living room. It just belongs in here, and I’m so glad that I finally found it.


Wow, two house posts in two days! I must have had a week at home, huh? I guess being on the road is good because I don’t spend as much money! : )

I am really happy with this little rug joining our family. One piece at a time, this place is happily coming together!

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  1. I didn't realize before, but that corner definately needed that rug! So cute!


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