Monday, November 26, 2012

Breaking Dawn…the Right Way


Not too long ago, I decided that it was time for Pearl to receive her first bath. She has been a trooper in getting me from place to place for the past few months.


I am still madly in love with her and happy with my decision to buy reliable transportation. I can’t tell you what a relief it is to know that at any moment driving to work on the freeway, I am not going to break down!


I coincidentally timed Pearl’s bath on Ladies Night, which meant that I got their $20 wash for $7. I can handle that. The thing that I will politely refuse next time, however, is the “new car” smelling clip that they bombard the air vents with upon departure.

Holy cow! My nostrils still burn.


This wonderful place is only a few blocks from my house, but they always do such a nice job. I figure that I would spend that much and more in quarters to wash Pearl myself. And that is without hand-drying her, so she would always have water spots.

Who likes water spots?! They can do quite a bit of chemical damage here in Arizona where our water is so hard and stays forever.


Pearl was looking pretty good by the time that evening rolled around. And just in time, too, since I have big plans for her!


A few weeks ago, I got to attend the Arizona Premiere of Breaking Dawn II with my sister-in-law. What a treat!

Of course, we used it as an excuse to get all gussied up. This is Megan, looking absolutely beautiful…just like she always does.


If you squint your eyes, you can see the theater in the background. But what’s in the foreground is more important. I sure do love this gal! She has been married to my brother for almost six years. They have two little girls, and Megan throws her entire soul into being a great mom and wife.

Isn’t she gorgeous?!


I really enjoy evenings like this where I get to dress up. It was short-notice to find everything that I needed, but I managed some great deals and really loved the entire package when it was done. Shopping for the premiere proved tricky since I worked almost every day before it began.


I found the dress at Dillard's and the sparkly shrug at Sears. The shoes I got from Marshalls, and they are as painful as they look, thank you very much. Megan’s cousin was going to do my hair and makeup, but I ended up working until just a few hours before the show began. So I brought my curling iron and did my hair in the airport after finishing work!

Hair-curling isn’t on my resume, that’s for dang sure.


It was so appropriate that we got to attend such a fun event together. Megan and I have gone to every midnight showing of the Twilight series together for the past five years. It was a real treat to finish the last movie in style by attending such a proper event.

This picture cracks me up, as it makes me look like an absolute giant next to my petite and sweet sister-in-law, Megan.


Perhaps the best part of the evening was that Megan brought us some fancy-dancy jewelry to wear for our formal evening out. She wore an incredible necklace. And this was one of my earrings…I’ve never had such expensive bling on my ears before! Isn’t this breath-taking?

I felt like a princess all night. Thanks for being so thoughtful, Megan!


As part of the evening, Megan received this Taylor Lautner t-shirt. We both laughed as she put it on immediately after the event. It looks pretty good on her, huh? But Taylor Lautner would probably look good anywhere.

What a fun and fancy evening out! We both decided that we need to get out together more often, just for some girl time. I’m just fine with that!

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