Monday, December 17, 2012

It’s a Muddy World


No, the front yard isn’t quite finished. But the neighbors are offering to help us now! I don’t know if that is a good thing or bad thing to have them sympathize with the giant task that Hubby has successfully undertaken.

For today’s post, I shall show you how ingenious he is. He had to tunnel under the sidewalk to install a drip system in our planter box. You know, the planter box where things die about every three months?

For some strange reason, this time around we’ve been able to keep some of them alive. It’s giving me false hope, really. But I’m hoping that with a constant water supply, we will have even better luck out here with our plant selections.


So he softened the dirt in the planter box and dug a hole. Did you know that we don’t really have dirt? It is a hard clay that makes digging really difficult.

That makes this entire project even more exhausting admirable for Hubby to have worked so diligently to install all of these pipes himself.


Once the clay was moving from the water, he dug underneath the sidewalk. Did I marry a gopher or what?

Once it was dry (which takes about three minutes here in the desert), he pushed the drip system pipes through and connected them to the rest of the sprinkler system.


You can see the white pipe coming out of the planter box and into our moat trench. I am happy to report that this is all now filled in! We only have a few more areas to refill some sod that he removed, but the constant rain this past weekend really helped soften the ground to put it all back in place.



He did it! Here is the pipe tunneled underneath the sidewalk. Now it’s ready for some glue and more pipes.


But he had to lay the rest of this line first so the planter box drip systems had something in place to connect. Then he got busy with some purple glue.

Purple, huh? What man came up with that?


Woohoo! We are making progress! I love to see the new stuff in because it means that we are that much closer to getting this project done. I’m excited for that. But you know that I love end results, too!


Here he is gluing the systems together. Doesn’t he have nice arms? I think so, too.


Hubby was so careful to measure everything and then cut exactly to size. I bet he is excited to be to this stage, too. Though probably for different reasons than me…I am just tickled to have our yard looking normal again!

And he is probably excited to once again have feeling in his back muscles…



  1. It looks good, sis. You certainly married a hard working man! I can say that first hand remembering the shelves he built in our garage a couple summers ago. I still think about his great effort and willingness to help us every time I look at them!

  2. It's going to look great when it's all done! Maybe those plants just needed to water? lol

  3. Wow he has really done a great job and I know it is going to look so pretty when it is all finished!!


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