Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Photo-bombing with Spuds


You’ve met these wonderful people before. Ted and Ann are dear friends of ours. We couldn’t think of anyone else with whom we’d rather spend Date Night, so we did just that a few weeks ago.

Our friends are presently visiting family in Utah, and I really miss them! It’s awful to lose your best friend for a week. This post made me miss them even more!


We went to Five Guys Burgers, since our friends had never been. This is probably my favorite burger place, and that is saying a lot, since I am never one to brag about great burger places.

I brag about Five Guys…I stop random people on the street to tell them to eat burgers here.


Huge sacks of Real Idaho Potatoes line the store. They decorate the storefront with their fries! And they always have a sign listing where their particular spuds came from. Today, these fries are fresh from Ideeho Falls.

Usually, the fries are just a little too salty for my taste. But tonight? They were perfect!


If this doesn’t make you drop everything that you’re doing to grab a bite to eat, then I haven’t done my job. From the toasted bun to the completely-customized burger, this thing is just insane. I went all out tonight and even got some cheese and bacon.

Whoa. Settle down.

Imagine a lovely orchestra playing soft tunes while birds sing in the distance. You are listening to all of that calm while enjoying a view of the best fries ever. All is well in the world…


Then, all of a sudden…PHOTO BOMB!

This is just a tiny insight into how funny these two people really are.

Please come home soon, you two.


You know that this guy loves Five Guys as well. He probably wishes that he was the sixth guy. It’s always a treat to visit this fine eating establishment with Hubby.


Do everyone a favor and check out a Five Guys Burgers near you. Don’t forget to order the large fry and split them. They could probably feed half an army with just one order.

You and your stretchy pants will be happy that you came here.

And, preferably, go with your best friends. That will only make things better.

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  1. I almost never eat out. I have never been to Five Guys. But one of these days..... :)


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