Friday, January 4, 2013

Because One Snack Table is Never Enough


Believe it or not, this was actually Hubby’s idea. To have another Snack Table Party, but this time with his side of the family.

It sounds like one of my crazy ideas, huh?

When he pitched his suggestion to throw a party to me, it seemed like a peaceable option. So I went along with it. Just a few nights after the 2012 Annual Family Christmas Snack Table, we had four couples over from Hubby’s family.


I love hosting parties. Did you know that about me? And I would probably do it every week, if I could get away with it.

Dang budget…

Student loans really cramp so much of my style!


I don’t know how to say this without being disowned, but this party spread was actually better than the one that we experienced with my family. Everyone brought a few things to enjoy. I made three types of treats and Alton Brown’s Spinach Artichoke Dip.

Others brought meatballs, mini wienies (much to Hubby’s delight), two types of chicken wings, veggie wraps, Krispy Kreme Donuts, and bean dip.


These meatballs were made by Hubby’s cousin, Barbara. Everything tasted so good!

Maybe it helped that Uncle Ben brought fun hats for us all to wear. I was Mrs. Claus all night, but we also had a jester and a Dr. Seuss with us as well.


Boy oh boy. I get hungry just looking at all of this! It looks like a partay!


Jalapeno Poppers, store-bought cookies (wha?), and veggie wraps. I also brought out the troughs to fill with candy. It’s appropriate at a pig-supporting event such as this.


We put appetizer plates and silverware in a few different places so people could really load up. My only complaint was that the plates weren’t big enough, and I think people were too shy to get two plates.

Luckily, to solve this awful dilemma, I found some gorgeous red and white dinner plates on clearance for a dollar during my post-Christmas shopping excursion. We will have great plates to use next year…if I can wait that long!

Aren’t those napkins cute? One of the few things that I will risk purchasing at IKEA…


I’m surprised that our electrical system could handle so much goodness taking place. There were lots of yummy foods plugged in to stay warm.

Unfortunately, something didn’t stay as warm as it needed. Hubby has a tummy bug for a few days after this, and we think that it was something that he ate during this party.

Poor kid. I hate when he gets that skinny!


We all “stocked up” on fat reserves tonight. Maybe I should have made a fruit tray?

hahahahaha! Just kidding.


This was before he was sickly and skinny. Isn’t he cute? He wore that Santa hat for most of the evening, until he said that it was too constricting and preventing him from eating more.


It looks like a ton, but please remember that this is only a tiny appetizer plate.

Everything tasted so good!


I tried to get some fun shots of ornaments and lights with my new camera lens, but my tiny tripod didn’t cooperate. I guess I’ll need to get one that can actually support the weight of a DSLR, huh?

Well, Ok. If you insist.


We bagged up some treats for our neighbors just a few nights after the Snack Table Party at our house. I made Hershey Kiss Peanut Butter Cookies and Pretzel Rolo Turtle Bites this year for our friends and loved ones in the neighborhood.

Hubby wanted me to make enough for the entire street in addition to our friends. Since I left this until Christmas Eve (unintentionally, I assure you!), I just couldn’t make that many in one night.

What a slacker. I hope to do it next year. When he isn’t sick in bed and can help, too!


Even without doing every single house on our street (twenty-six, to be exact), we still had about thirty goodie bags to deliver. We put them in this little iron basket for easy transport.

Sick Hubby drove while I knocked doors. He wouldn’t let me do it alone, but he certainly wasn’t feeling well enough to help, either! I tried (and failed) to get him to stay home in bed.


Inside the bags were cookies and bites. I wanted to do some Andes Mints Cookies, too, but knew that they would permeate everything else in the bag with mint flavor. So I refrained.

Who says that I don’t have any self-control when it comes to sweets?!


And these were a hit! I had several people say so when I saw them at church a few days later. I think it might become one of our traditional treats to hand out each year.

That is, if I don’t eat them all before they get wrapped up.

Hubby’s Family Christmas Snack Table was a success, and so were our neighbor gifts. We are slowly making our way to Christmas morning!

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