Friday, January 18, 2013

The Ol’ Bathroom Shelf Switcheroo


We’ve had this floating shelf in our master bathroom since we moved in two and a half years ago. Holy cow, two and a half years?!

I’ve really been loving small, inexpensive changes around the house that, to me, make a big difference. House tweaking, if you will.


So when I happened across a beautiful shelf at TJ Maxx, I decided to grab it to fancy up the guest bathroom. Other than staining the cabinets and putting in a pretty shower curtain, we haven’t done much in there.

This is where the floating shelf used to live in our bathroom.

IMG_7130     IMG_7133

We’ve had a giant bathroom shelf behind the toilet in the guest bathroom, and it’s secretly been driving me crazy. For such a tiny space, there just isn’t room for such a large shelf.

But I knew that we still needed some storage in there, too. So this new shelf seemed like the perfect idea.

I tend to think that I have perfect ideas all of the time…

And guess who the lucky bugger was to get to make all of my perfect ideas come true today?


Already, the space feels so much bigger without that large rack.

But I should have known this would happen. I bought a new shelf and loved the look of it…and I’m never in the guest bathroom! So I decided to steal the new one for our bathroom, and then give the old floating shelf to our guests.

Maybe I’m mean. But it makes sense to enjoy it more on my side of the house.

Right? Guys, right?


So we took down the old shelf and got the new space ready for it. Yippeeee! This is going to be awesome!


The old storage rack that we removed had been anchored to the wall, so I filled those up with some nail filler. It will dry white and then get painted. I’m not going to sit to watch it dry, but that could be fun, huh?


Once the holes were filled, it was time for my shelf installation expert to get to work putting up the “new” floating shelf in here. Hubby is really good with a level.


The holes for the new shelf have been drilled with drywall anchors in place. The metal holster can now go up, on which the floating shelf sits.


Holster…check! It’s probably not even called that, but I will call it that from now on!

IMG_7147    IMG_7148

Now the fun part…actually seeing the shelf go up. I won’t miss this guy in our bathroom. I’m so tickled with the new one!

I don’t normally show pictures of toilets on this here blog, so you are in for a real treat today. Toilets galore!


So now we can put up a towel basket and some purdy flowers. It still needs a picture hanging above, but I found just the frame at Goodwill a few months back.

If it ever warms up again, I will spray paint it and get it ready to go up. At least you know that today won’t end all of this toilet fun!


So I’m really happy with how the new floating shelf turned out in here. And I love having that giant storage rack gone. It makes this area feel so much more spacious.


Now for the really fun part…a new shelf in our master bathroom!

Hubby is really good at being patient and ensuring that proper measurements are taking place to hold this shelf up through a nuclear blast. I tend to get so excited to see the end result that I am not as careful when measuring.

We make such a good team. I can’t think of how I help in the equation, but he is really good at making my projects come to life!


Here is a sneak peek at the new shelf! It’s totally unlike anything else in my house. It’s almost rustic, I daresay. But I know with the right modern accessories, it will make a nice, eclectic addition to our bathroom.

Who knew that the words “eclectic” and “bathroom” could ever be used in the same sentence?!


These are the two best-looking things in our master bathroom…a new shelf, and that hot Hubby of mine.


What is this yellow thing he keeps checking? I would have tossed that out the window hours ago. And the shelf wouldn’t have stayed up for long, either, but who’s counting.


Ta da! What do you think? Yes, I love it, too. But I agree with you in that it needs some proper staging.


Ahhhh. That’s better. You can ignore that broken clock. It was a casualty of this new shelf being installed. Luckily. I have another clock in a drawer just waiting to live its life mission in our bathroom. And it’s silver, so it makes the whole wall look even cooler and intentional.


I bought the basket at TJ Maxx, too. It was bright purple, but it was the perfect size. I’ve never let the color of something keep me away from giving it a good home. I knew that a quick spray of paint would make it the perfect towel basket on such a narrow shelf!

Done and done.


And the plant…well, let’s just say that it was a very successful day at TJ Maxx. Man, I love that store!

I don’t buy things there very often (no, really, Hubby!), but when I do, I really love whatever I get.

The pot has a fake succulent inside that doesn’t look fake. And the beautiful aqua teal pot didn’t need any paint from me to make it look better. I fell in love and knew that it would be the perfect way to update our bathroom shelving situation!


The wire basket is just so cool. I love it. With a satin nickel finish, it rounds out such a rustic shelf perfectly. And you know that I love bursts of color! I am in love with this plant!

Green and blue? Sign me up!


The present clock being silver ties everything in so well. Maybe I’m glad that this guy got broken?!


Yippeeeee! I love it. I don’t know if I should tell you about spilling some milk, but I found the coolest fish and painted him bright, glossy yellow. He was going to be properly named and put on this shelf as well, but he was too slick when I tried to pick him up. He fell, crashing to the floor in a million (or seven) tiny pieces.

We still can’t talk about it. And the past few weeks have been unsuccessful in my search to find a replacement animal for this shelf. For some reason, I think we need something “living” there!

What do you think of the changes? I love them. A little work goes a long way for me (or, more properly for credit, Hubby)! Now I smile every time I walk into the bathroom. But that was probably too much information, huh?


  1. You're so funny and I agree that the details make a house. Cute!

  2. You're so funny and I agree that the details make a house. Cute!


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