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The Vegas Strip at Night


After such a lovely meal, it was time to hit the road, Jack. I wandered for the next several hours to enjoy a pretty town all lit up.


The sun was setting as I headed south from Caesars Palace towards the Bellagio. I’ll admit that I’ve never officially seen the water show. So I decided to wait tonight until the next water extravaganza began.

It was only about fifteen minutes away and totally worth the wait!


I watched as one-by-one, the casinos turned on their lights. It made for some pretty views, that’s for dang sure!

It will be fun when it gets a little darker so we can see the lights even better.


Uh oh. What have we here? It was really neat. They must play it to different songs all the time, because I can’t really see Faith Hill’s “This Kiss” really being the theme music for this town every half hour.


It was pretty impressive how intricate the water fountain is. It follows the music precisely and does some pretty cool things during the show! This was so amazing!


And high! Holy smokes, that water can shoot up!

This is actually one of my favorite pictures from the entire evening.

IMG_6556     IMG_6560

After the Bellagio Water Show had ended, I made my way up Las Vegas Boulevard to enjoy some very interesting people-watching.

Oh yeah, and some pretty buildings, too.

Here is Paris, and the new Cosmopolitan.


After not that great of a dinner, I wish I would have seen this “Sugar Factory” restaurant earlier. Doesn’t that sound like something that I would enjoy trying? They had crepes and sandwiches and all sorts of yummy stuff, judging from their menu.

Next time…


Planet Hollywood has a prime spot on the Strip, just across the street from the Bellagio on one side, and Paris on the other. Inside is a giant mall called the Miracle Mile Shops. I didn’t head in tonight, but tomorrow for lunch!


I don’t think I’m quite cool enough to stay at the Cosmopolitan. Like, ever.

But their restaurant listing sounded pretty neat. If I didn’t have a budget, I would love to try each and every one of these places for some grub!

IMG_6567     IMG_6580

This is one of the escalator entrances up to the Bellagio. I actually didn’t go inside for this trip but have been there several times. And this second picture shows some of the new shops just south of the Cosmopolitan.

They finally finished the ritzy ones for stores such as Louis Vuitton and Gucci.

As you can imagine, I didn’t go inside those, either. But the building facades sure are cool! Especially in a sunset!


Planet Hollywood is home to the largest screen on the Strip. This thing was massive and crystal-clear! In fact, when it would show up with an image that was white, I had to shield my eyes a little because it was so bright!

Oh, didn’t I tell you? I could never fit in here long enough to live here! Shielding my eyes from the casino lights?! I’m surprised  that I didn’t get thrown out of town right then and there.

Who does that?


This is a fun view near the Louis Vuitton store looking back towards the Strip. Everything is so bright and pretty!


And this was about as far south as I decided to walk tonight. But I waved at the MGM Grand from across the street. This weekend was hosting a Manny Pacquiao fight, so already the MGM was hopping for Fight Night.


Wow, that screen is just crazy talk.


And, though I didn’t get any closer than this tonight, I have visited New York, Luxor, and the Monte Carlo before.

It’s kind of neat seeing the Empire State Building down there, huh?

Where am I?!


Ha! Look at that! As I turned to walk north on the Strip once again, it was already time for another water show at the Bellagio.

I can’t imagine how much these guys spend on water in the summer because of evaporation.


And here is Paris. This is the closest I’ve ever been to this place. Someday, I need to go inside to check it out. It’s massive, I know that much!

IMG_6602     IMG_6610

But the Eiffel Tower is so pretty. I love how they have recreated the highlights of Paris in this giant casino.

Now, I need to get to the real Paris to see how accurate they were!


Hubby and I stayed here on our trip to visit family a few years ago. He had never been to Vegas, so we decided to make an overnight stop of it.

It was a really fun evening showing him the town, but I learned the hard way that flip-flops and lots of walking are hardly a good mix.


I wish that this was the entrance to Space Mountain! But it’s just the escalator entrance to Bally’s Casino.

So close.


And just across the street from Bally’s is The Flamingo. A very flamboyant place, if I may say so.


I hit some of the highlights of this city. Someday, I need to actually eat at a Margaritatville to see if it’s any good.


Hubby and I saw “Defending the Caveman” here when we visited. It was so funny and actually clean! I would highly recommend it for anyone who is looking for a great show.

It’s one of Hubby’s favorite t-shirts…the one he got for free at this event!


From across the street, the Forum Shops are just beautiful.


And here is The Mirage! Their volcano is pretty fun outside, in case you’re bored. But how could you possibly be bored here? Have you seen the people who walk these streets?!


I’m embarrassed to admit that I’ve never actually been able to witness in person the pirate show from the pirate ship located at this casino. How can I even show my face in this city?

My timing was perfect. It was early December, which means all sorts of beautiful Christmas decorations were on display. It seemed like the Venetian went all-out with their tribute to my favorite holiday.


They had live music. And, later when I came back outside from the Venetian, they had a Christmas parade! I was too far away to get any pictures, but it looked pretty fancy and all lit up.


And, for some unknown reason, I really love this picture. Perhaps because of that giant sparkly thing in the middle?


The Venetian has all sorts of pretty things to admire tonight. But let’s go inside and warm up for a few minutes, shall we?

I’ll admit that I heard that there was a cupcake bakery inside, and I wanted to see if anything was worthy of my coinage.


Though I’ve been here many times, this ceiling never ceases to amaze me. It would be fun to sit to the side and watch people’s faces as they walk through the doors to this first view of the casino interior.

Isn’t it spectacular?!


The Venetian is famous for lots of things, but one prominent attraction is certainly the gondola ride through the casino. I’ve never done this but have admired it from afar on numerous occasions.

It just always seemed kinda creepy to ride a gondola alone, you know?

IMG_6646     IMG_6648

While I never found my cupcake place (wop wop), The Venetian connects with The Palazzo shops underground. And they had their main lobby all decked out in Christmas. Isn’t that “frozen” waterfall so pretty?!

IMG_6649    IMG_6653

I always feel like I’m missing out on the fun when I’m inside, so I headed out to the Strip once again. Here is The Venetian from that view, but it failed me tonight by not providing cupcakes…


What trip would be complete without a bronze statue tribute to Siegfried and Roy, the lion masters of Las Vegas?

These are huge…probably ten feet tall at least. And they always crack me up.

Judging from these statues…they’ve had a little work done. But you didn’t hear it from me.


I can’t imagine how expensive the rent is for Denny’s to have a restaurant in such a prime location! And who on earth would come to Vegas just to eat at Denny’s, when you could eat anywhere?!


On the right-hand side of this picture is The Mirage Volcano. Last time that I was here, they were doing lots of renovation and new landscaping. Maybe they don’t even do a volcano show anymore?


It’s a good thing that we aren’t flying home tonight, because trying to salvage some semblance of night vision is not going to happen in such a bright town!


And I can’t help it…the entire time while walking around, I have Brandon Flowers’ “Las Vegas” song in my head. Even now as I type, I’m singing about drugs and bad luck, etc.

By the way, I totally grew up with Brandon. He lived just a few blocks away from me. Close enough that he attended the same church.

Yeah, sure. He claims Vegas as his hometown. But he didn’t move there until his Junior year in high school!

His music is awesome, by the way.

IMG_6666      IMG_6668

Now that I was on this side of the street, I peeked my head inside the Forum Shops.

And promptly left. I would never pay those prices, so why wander?! Pretty interior, though, huh?


Hey, we’re getting close to where we started a few hours ago! I grabbed the monorail from the Flamingo, remember?

We made it through the entire Strip at night! And I didn’t even get mugged or high! Bonus!


It’s fitting to have a saloon as our last picture for today.

More Las Vegas to come in tomorrow’s post!

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  1. I am NOT a Las Vegas fan but it sure looks better at night when the lights are on. Great post, sis.


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