Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Warning: Pretty Sunsets Ahead


After a quick lunch, it was time to head back to the airport to get rained upon profusely. Honestly, I’ve never seen such wetness here!

The normally-sunny California didn’t peek through the clouds once during this short overnight visit.


I guess one good thing came out of this bad weather…the usual thirty little airplanes using the runways for touch-and-go landings weren’t in full force today.

Only instrument-certified airplanes and pilots can enjoy life when the clouds are this low.


It was a little alarming at first to see so much water sitting on my pretty airplane. This is the engine cowling, but you probably already knew that.


Even covered in rain, Gladys is oh-so pretty. If I am being honest, it’s kind of fun to see her like this. We don’t get much rain in Arizona, after all, and she would probably be protected inside a hangar there anyway.

Don’t worry…in just a few short hours, these rain drops won’t be able to hang on for long. Not when your ground speed is over five-hundred knots on the short flight home!


Though the clouds weren’t quite as low as when we landed the day before, they were still pretty low. You can see them just behind this beautiful Falcon as he is landing on Runway 16R.


Now, back to the good stuff.


Gladys was drenched! Maybe it was a good thing in disguise, since it is certainly the cheapest way to wash an airplane!


Luckily, as soon as we get moving, these drops of water disappear from the windscreen and windows. It is so much easier to fly when you can see where you’re going!


I timed it perfectly to perform my preflight today. I waited for the rain to stop long enough to get Gladys fueled and looked over before our flight home this afternoon.

Since I am old brilliant, I accidentally left any semblance of a coat at home for this trip. Honestly, I had no idea that it could be so cold and rainy here!

So I waited for some respite from the clouds before getting her ready for the flight. Then I went back inside and watched it start to rain again!


This was one of the many Gulfstreams on the ramp today. This particular one is a Gulfstream V. You can tell that because it has seven windows, and the tail cone on the engine is painted rather than left chrome.

They are about to release the new drool-worthy G-650. It will make people cry when it comes out.

For all of your aircraft-identifying needs, aren’t you glad that you stopped by today?


Inside Gladys, it was nice and warm and dry. I had blankets ready to go, just in case.


And, in an attempt to save the carpet from wet shoes, I placed a towel down to catch excess water. It doesn’t look all that great, but neither do stains on my beautiful carpet.


This was a pretty shot of the clouds as they were temporarily not drenching me while gearing up for their next round of torture. I think that this picture displays how incredible nature truly is.


These blue skies were deceptive, as it began to rain again just shortly after I headed back inside the warmth of the FBO lobby. By the time we left, it was sprinkling.


This is my favorite picture of the day…sunburst action at its finest!


With two people in back, we made our way to the entrance of Runway 16R to wait our turn for takeoff. I enjoyed some pretty clouds on the ground while we waited for the traffic overhead to land at Burbank.


I know, I hate waiting for Burbank traffic, too. Why do those airliners get all the special treatment, anyway?


It was impossible to capture the incredible colors tonight, but this one came pretty close. Pink skies just above low clouds hugging the hills. Wowsers!


And being airborne only made the sunset that much better. Can it get any prettier than this?!


I love how you can see the Pacific Ocean in the far distance, but the sneaky rainclouds are covering all of the mountains as we climb into better skies.


Good night, Los Angeles! Please warm up before I come to visit you next time.


We must have been good luck to leave, since the storm clouds are now clearing towards the north of Los Angeles. I guess we brought this stuff with us today, huh?


There are no words for how beautiful a sunset is from the sky.

Best. Office. View. Ever.


Pictures are always enhanced when an airplane wing is thrown in. You’re welcome.


What a gorgeous night! We had a great flight home and got our passengers loaded and on their way before calling it a night.

Doesn’t this just make you want to go fly tonight?!

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