Wednesday, February 13, 2013

A Few Shots of a Short Flight Home


It was a great few days in Van Nuys for work. It just felt good to be back on the road. I always feel better when I’m doing something productive, you know?

I got excited to take lots of pictures of lots of airplanes on the ramp last Wednesday when we arrived back at Hoover’s Hangars. However, something happened that has never happened before…

My camera battery was dead. For some reason, I had forgotten to check its charge before I left for this trip, and now it was time to face my forgetfulness.

Wha? No pictures of our flight home?!


So I tried something new…taking pictures with my phone. They aren’t the best pictures ever seen, but at least I grabbed a few shots to remember such a fun flight.

What am I saying? Every flight is fun!

This Beechjet was on the ramp today. I recognized it immediately because it used to be based at Cutter Aviation when I was based at Cutter Aviation six years ago. We saw and knew the crew this afternoon and chatted them up for a while, too.

I don’t miss the Beechjet. I am so happy flying a big, beautiful Phenom 300!

And I certainly don’t miss being based at Cutter Aviation, either!


Obviously, not my usual forty-bazillion pictures took place today. But I managed to grab this shot of the hazy mountains as we made our departure from Van Nuys Airport.

It often looks like this, but it always makes me think of scenes from The Lord of the Rings!


Soon we were back on the ground at home. It was such a pretty day! Blue skies, puffy clouds, and a gorgeous control tower! Seventy-two degrees…ahhhhhh.

Hi, Home!


There were even some big boys being moved around the ramp at our home hangar. This guy is headed out for a trip, so they moved us out of the way after our passengers were gone. Then the Dassault Falcon 7X moved past us, and we were tugged again inside the hangar for our few days home.

This is the biggest airplane that is based at our hangar. I always drool over it. So big and pretty!


I finished my post-flight check and loaded up Pearl to drive home. Even with the time difference, we made it back to the hangar by 2:30 PM today! Our passengers had arrived in California early, so we made great time on our flight home.

I had a few days off before our next trip (today!). This next two months is going to be so busy! I have three trips over the next ten days that take me away from home every day (and eight nights). I think that I will be home long enough to do some laundry, and that’s about it!

And…I can’t wait! Come along for the busy chaos that is my beloved job!

Here’s a question for you: if I joined instagram and posted pictures of my travels in a more timely manner, in addition to more detailed posts here, would that interest anybody? Or are things A-OK just the way they are?

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