Wednesday, February 27, 2013

A Walking Tour of Downtown Bremerton


I left the harbor and continued my walk around downtown to eventually make my way back to the Fairfield Inn.

This is one of my favorite places to eat…the Bremerton Bar and Grill. Yummy food and neat atmosphere. It is a little more expensive than I care to spend on just one meal, so I usually only get one visit in when I’m in town.

Wait until later when you see what my dinner was during this visit! Eek!


I ran away from a stranger complimenting my smile near the Naval Museum. He was very insistent and seemed to think that a few compliments would go a long way.

After I turned the building corner, I ran to try to get rid of him. Luckily, he didn’t follow me. But I kept an eye out for him for the rest of my evening so I could avoid him, if necessary.

Creepy, huh? I hate awkward situations.


Just follow the signs to the ferry! Isn’t this a pretty view?

Bremerton is pretty. You should go.


Remember this fish from my first night here? He’s still as big as he was then.

I love the glow lights that are strung from lamp post to lamp post over the streets of downtown. Isn’t that romantic? What a great idea.


Bremerton is a neat city full of old charm and modern conveniences. I just love this old building from the turn of the century. Bremerton really blew up when the shipyard came into existence in 1896.


Lots of adorable little mom-and-pop shops are all over downtown. This one is an eclectic art store that has been painted on the outside to show that the store owner is also animal-friendly. I love the little raccoons and mice. Look at the squirrel in the “tree!”


If you’ve been wondering where to buy tickets for Aaron Neville, now you know that he’s playing in Bremerton. Or was…bummer that we all missed that.

Cool theater though, huh?


Let’s head towards the Sound to get some pretty water views.

Look, a boardwalk! I wonder if I’ve already done that and had no idea that I was on the boardwalk!


My goodness, isn’t this gorgeous? Over there, on what seems like an island from this shot, is the peninsula where the town of Manette exists. That’s where I went to church before heading home from this fun weekend.


This is looking towards the harbor again, with a great view of the battleship, the USS Turner Joy. You can pay to take a tour of it, but I haven’t yet. It just seems like a lot of dough to drop, so I haven’t taken that plunge yet.

Has anyone out there done it? Is it worth the twelve buckaroos?


Here is the bridge to Manette. I snuck into someone’s side yard to get this picture.

Stalker Alert!

But I dare say…the picture was worth it. Isn’t that oh-so pretty?!


While I was pleasantly trespassing, I saw these little figurines on a porch. Aren’t they awesome?! I wouldn’t have them at my house…at least, not without a little spray paint, but I adored them in this setting!

I just love how the male duck and rooster have their wings around their little ladies. What cute looks on their faces. These guys just cracked me up.

Don’t worry…I left them there.


I didn’t cross the bridge today but have in the past. Remember…today was windy and chilly for a girl who lives in Phoenix!


Here is the very tropical and lush Bremerton Beach. Doesn’t that make you want to take off your shoes and wander in the rocky pebbles sand?


It’s actually a very nice bridge, complete with a great pedestrian walkway over to Manette. This is all part of the Puget Sound coming underneath this bridge towards the ocean.

Man, even looking at these pictures makes me miss this place already!


Oh my good grief. Look at that gorgeous sunset over that gorgeous harbor!

I almost feel like I should be getting charged per sunset, but I’m glad that isn’t the case.

Because this sunset would be worth a lot of money…


But, perhaps even better than a breath-taking sunset…now it’s dinner time!

I walked a few blocks from my room to grab a quick bite.


And I was pleasantly surprised that it was still Happy Hour! On a Saturday night?! Yes, and the prices were awesome!


I think that a grilled chicken sandwich sounds right up my alley tonight. And I am loving this price tag, too.


I love this place. The décor is awesome and has such neat lighting. I love the upside-down barn lighting up in the tall ceilings, and the hanging pendants just complete the whole package.

Did I mention that dinner tonight is going to be super-cheap?! Yippppeeeeeee! That helps the décor, too.


At least it’s a healthy addiction…but I love side salads to start. This Caesar salad was very good and got me excited for the rest of my meal. I love the huge shavings of parmesan cheese.



And this chicken sandwich was just so yummy. I don’t really need to talk about the fries, do I? They were purdy dern good, too.

That’s a whole lotta red onion! Good thing I’m eating alone tonight! I took a lot of them off, though, since I didn’t want to kill anyone on the walk back to the hotel.

Killer Red Onion Breath avoided.


Honestly, I don’t know how this happened. It wasn’t premeditated, if you can believe that. But I was at a whole $8 spent for an incredible meal, thanks to Happy Hour prices. And then she mentioned that apple crisp was on the menu.

When I was here over Labor Day weekend with Hubby, we shared a Blackberry Crisp at the table across from me. And it was one of the best desserts that I had eaten. Ever.

So I didn’t know what to say.

That isn’t like me at all, since I prefer my desserts to have chocolate and/or caramel sauce.


And, if you look closely…you can see that the apple crisp has caramel.

Done and done. It was heavenly.

At least, the few bites that I ate were heavenly!

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