Monday, February 25, 2013

Back in Beautiful Bremerton


I can’t even describe what it feels like to be back in Bremerton for a weekend of work. It’s been about five months since my last visit, and it’s wonderful coming back.

Look at this view of the Puget Sound as we drive from the airport towards Bremerton. Pretty, huh?


I love Bremerton.

But I also love seeing the profile silhouette of George Washington, one of my favorite people in the whole wide history of the world, on every single road sign in this entire beautiful state.

George was the man. He deserves to be on street signs in the state named after him.


Bremerton is home to a giant Naval shipyard, which is still actively transforming submarines into modern nuclear machines. But it is also home to several retired aircraft carriers, which are stored here for future use, if needed.

Hopefully, they won’t ever be needed. But it’s fun to drive past them parked in the shipyard on the way to the hotel tonight!


Wow, these things are just massive. There are at least four aircraft carriers hanging out in this harbor, and maybe more than I can’t see.


We were stopped at a light, so I took a picture of the “Welcome to Bremerton” sign. I kept feeling like I had come home, and it was such a great feeling. I really love this little town on the Puget Sound.


Now we are turning east towards the harbor and downtown Bremerton, where I get to spend the next few days. It takes about fifteen minutes to drive from the airport to town.


I’ve arrived! El Capitan actually stayed across the street in the Hampton, and I stayed at the Fairfield Inn for the short weekend. I had a few pairs of brand-new shoes stolen from my room at the Hampton last summer. Though they paid for my room, I’ve been a little leery of that place ever since.

But Fairfield? I can handle that.


The lobby, just like the rooms, is very modern and beautiful. I love that a fire was going in the fireplace. It was chilly tonight once the sun was down!


Fun, bright colors on the carpet of the well-lit hallways led me to my room.


I asked for my usual harbor view as high up as they could get me. The room is pretty small, but very comfortable.

We’ll call it cozy!


But this is why the small room is juuuuuuust fine with me. Look at this gorgeous view of the Bremerton harbor!


I’ve always thought that living in one of these waterfront condos would be rather nice. Don’t you think so?


I’m so close to the ferry terminal that I can hear its horn and watch it leave Bremerton for Seattle. Half an hour later, I see the other ferry coming from Seattle to load up for another hour-long trek over the Sound to one of my favorite places on earth.

Yes, Seattle. I’m talking about you. I love you.


After I left my bags in my room, I headed back downstairs for a short walk to one of my favorite eateries in Bremerton. The Toro Lounge has yummy tapas, and I knew that their Papas Fritas were exactly what I wanted for dinner.


Downtown Bremerton has quite the colorful offering of neat art sculptures. This guy was huge…probably about twelve feet tall. I waved at him as I continued my walk to a wonderful meal.


Phew! That was a long two blocks! But now we’re here. Lets head in for some dinner, OK?


I love the candles on the table, next to the small glass vase of fresh flowers. I really didn’t bother reading the drink menu, since I don’t drink and happen to love water.


But I’m all about the food in this place! I knew that I wanted to get the Papas Fritas, which are some of the best fries that I’ve ever tasted. And I also decided to get their Caesar salad, though it tasted better the first time that I came.


This place was hopping on a Friday evening. I sat at a table but moved to a booth a few minutes later when it became available. I am glad that this place was so busy…I love when good businesses are rewarded.

Where would I get such delicious fries if this place ever went away?!


The Caesar salad counteracts the fries, right? I loved all of the parmesan cheese but could have used way more homemade croutons than just the three that came with it. And, it wasn’t seasoned at all. And there was no salt and pepper at the table to boost that up.

I would get it again next time, though. I like Caesar salads. And I like Toro Lounge.


But we all know that this was the main event for me…why I even came here for dinner. The white truffle fries with a curry ketchup.

Oh goodness. My mouth is watering just thinking about these perfect edible goodies.


After a heavenly dinner, it was time to walk back to my warm hotel room. This is a picture of downtown Bremerton on a “busy” weekend.


I ended my evening after a great day at work by looking at the night harbor view. Isn’t this gorgeous? I could fall asleep to that view more often, that’s for dang sure.

More Bremerton to come tomorrow! Can you handle it?!

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