Thursday, February 21, 2013

I Think That He Likes Me


Happily, Hubby and I don’t really celebrate Valentine’s Day. I mean, I don’t really need someone else to buy me chocolate, since I seem to have that arena covered. And we both think that spending only one day a year treating someone special is just silly. We’d rather spend every day, all year celebrating our love.

But I must admit…when I walked through the door at 8:00 PM on Valentine’s Day after being gone for work for a few days, I was pretty tickled to see my hunky Hubby slaving over a hot stove to make me a yummy dinner.

Yes, ladies. He cooks, too. And no, you can’t have him. He’s taken.


His gourmet selection for me this particular evening was prosciutto-wrapped spinach-and-cheese-stuffed chicken breasts. And dinner was just as incredible as it sounds.

This is quite the smell to arrive home enjoying.


We started out with salads, which he made with spring mix, tomatoes, feta cheese, Craisins, and olives. I topped mine with Greek feta dressing, and Hubby poured a little bit of ranch dressing over his.

Isn’t this thoughtful? Any dinner is better with salad as a starter!


And it was incredibly yummy. Healthy, too.

Way to go, Hubby.


After searing the chicken, Hubby added a lemon juice sauce to the pan and covered it with the lid. This will help the chicken finish cooking while locking in some moisture.

Did I teach this boy well or what?


We had some apple cranberry fizzy juice leftover from the holidays. Yes, we really are that awesome that we have food left over from Christmas.

Hubby cracked open the bottle to pour in our fancy goblets.


And, to commemorate the evening, a foam heart was formed on the glass. How cool is that?! It’s almost like everyone in this house is saying that I’m loved!


While I quickly unpacked my bag and threw a load of laundry in for my trip the next morning, Hubby started to dish up our romantic, homemade dinner.


It’s safe to say that he did pretty well. This was so delicious!


To accompany his fancy chicken, Hubby pulled these butter-roasted potatoes out of the oven. Did he get that memo about my love for spuds? These were simply heavenly.

And he made them up without using a recipe, so double-bonus.


Yep. That’s melted butter covering perfectly-seasoned oven potatoes. I am wiping a tear away even now as I think of them.

I know that I’m not supposed to have favorites, but these potatoes were pretty up there on my list of things to warm my heart for the evening.


In my honest opinion, this whole dishing-up phase really took too long. I was excited at this point to sit down with a yummy, made-by-Hubby meal with muh man.


Now we’re talking. We are sitting at the table, admiring his handiwork. We even remembered to remove the toothpicks before we ate, which were used to hold the chicken breasts in place while they cooked away.


It looks good enough to eat.

Hubby, you rock.


But now the fun really begins…getting this into our mouths! Hubby made the first cut, and then we oooed and aaaahed over the gooey cheese spilling out.


Can you believe that this entire meal is healthy? Well, other than the butter-drenched potatoes, perhaps. But we all need a little natural fat, too. I would consider the entire meal healthy.

Especially because it was made with so much love. What a great man I married.


My chicken was delicious, but Hubby decided to add a little more of the lemon sauce on top of his. He is a very saucy man. And by that, I mean that he loves sauces.

Sheesh. What did you think saucy meant?!


This man knows me so well. He got a piece of red velvet cake for us to enjoy tonight. He must know that I happen to love red velvet cake. Who doesn’t?

It was the perfect ending to an incredible meal…made just for me by my sweetie pie.

For a couple who doesn’t really celebrate the holiday, it was nice to have such a lovely dinner waiting for me after a long day at work.

He’s a keeper, fo sho.

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