Thursday, February 7, 2013

Patience Pays Off – Colorful Pants Edition


I’ve drooled over colorful pants for years but just couldn’t justify the price tags to get some good ones.

In the home-decorating arena, I can recreate expensive versions for much cheaper than the originals. But you know what? I can’t even sew on a button. So making some fun pants wasn’t in the stars for me!

My pant-less situation changed a few weeks ago when I was wandering through Marshall’s looking for some home goods. I rarely shop for clothes any more but can’t say no to some pillow shopping.

Shopping for pillows never makes me wonder if I look fat in them, you know?


I accidentally found myself in the clothing clearance aisle, and I stumbled upon pure colored-pant bliss.

Even better? They were on clearance and more clearance. When compared to the original store price tag of $59 a piece, I was thrilled to pay $10-20 for each of these beauties from Nine West.

For the price of one full-price pair, I got four.

You can check my Micah Math, but I think that I scored.


So they are ankle-length “skinny” jeans that fit me perfectly. And did I mention that they are pretty colorful?

Purple, emerald green (Pantone color of the year, yo!), sea foam green, and hot pink.

Yes, color.


I have learned time and time again that sometimes it’s worth it to buy the finer things in life. But I refuse to pay full-price. I was in shock in the dressing room when these were so comfortable and perfect!

And on clearance!

So I went back to the rack and found a few more colors in the same style. I can’t believe my luck today.


I haven’t worn the purple or emerald green yet, but the other two were down-right alarmingly beautiful. I am so tickled to add to my wardrobe for such a great price!


My closet has welcomed these four pairs of pants with open arms. It’s so much fun to find the perfect addition to so many shirts in there! I feel amazing when wearing them and was happy to give them a new home.

Maybe I should check that clearance rack more often, huh? The Marshall’s/TJ Maxx family of stores has never let me down.

Have you scored any happy findings lately?

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  1. I LOVE the colors! Are they the skinny jean style? Don't you love a good deal!? xoxo


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