Tuesday, March 5, 2013

A Dud of a Day at Miami International


You know by now that I have a hard time staying in my hotel room doing nothing. I would much rather get out to explore wherever I’m staying.

This is all depends on local temperature, of course. Sometimes, I would much rather prefer to stay inside where it’s nice and warm!

But Miami? It’s warm. So who wants to stay inside?

I wandered all over the neighborhood yesterday after arriving, and today I thought that it would be fun to head over to the main airport terminal to grab a bite to eat and watch some people.

I just now realized why I love this Marriott sign so much…it’s very similar to the old Disneyland sign font!


While I waited for the elevator to take me down nine floors, I enjoyed a view of the neighboring Marriott hotel pool. Since I was staying next door at the Courtyard, and since the hotels were connected, I had access to this pool and lounge area.

But, because the bulk of this nine-day trip will be in frigid temperatures, the last thing that I thought to bring was a swimsuit!

You’re welcome, south Florida. You’re welcome.


There were three separate Marriott hotels at this site…a Courtyard, Marriott, and Residence Inn. Here you can see the Residence Inn and some really neat buildings and spires in the distance.


I tried (and failed) to find a pedestrian-friendly way to walk to the terminal today, since it was only about two miles away. But airports aren’t always known for pleasant sidewalks and ways for people to arrive on foot.

Eventually, I gave up and just hitched a ride on the hotel shuttle. They go to the terminal every fifteen minutes, so I didn’t even feel like I was bugging someone for a lift!

Here I am outside, waiting for the shuttle to arrive.

Look! Palm trees!


While the driver went inside to see if there were more passengers waiting for the airport shuttle, I enjoyed some air conditioning in the giant, luggage-friendly van.

I prefer being in places that need air conditioning in February, by the way.


And it was awkwardly silent for a while…until we made stops at the other Marriott hotels to pick up more people for the terminal today. At least I had my pick of seats, right?


I barely peeked outside the windshield to see the main airport sign.

Welcome to Miami! Bienvendidos a Miami!


The airport terminal looked recently renovated and beautiful. I had high hopes that this would be a great place to spend an afternoon!


Inside and out, this airport was busy. And they have these oddly-dressed guys who work for a private sky cap company to help people with their luggage on the curb.

Do they really have to wear clothes like construction workers? Since I saw about a dozen more inside at similar kiosks, I am going to have to say yes to that question.

“It’s fun to stay at the Y-M-C-A!”


Goodbye, little shuttle. Thanks for the ride. I’ll catch you later.

I was definitely the youngest person using the shuttle today, and that gave my self-esteem a little boost.


I initially walked into American Airlines check-in counter. In a narrow, dark hallway. I found a map and discovered that the terminal is shaped like a giant horseshoe. It will be fun to check out what else is around!


Holy smokes, this place was hopping! Look at all those flights, going to all those exotic places!


On a ride up the escalator to check out the upper deck of the terminal, I saw this sign and liked it. What a pretty part of the world!

If you like hurricanes and all.


I wandered all over the terminal before I realized that I had wandered all over the terminal. I was so disappointed that the entire airport seemed to be one long, dark, twisting hallway. At least the part where non-ticketed passengers was this way.

There were little shops and eateries here and there, but nothing fun and worth the trip.

Maybe it’s better once you get on the other side of security? I was hoping for great views of airplanes and a bounteous food court from which to select my lovely lunch!


But this ended up being my lunch. Bummer!

(OK, it was good. But certainly not what I had in mind today while exploring Miami International Airport)!


I would say my favorite part of the day was enjoying about fifty giant pictures on display from the 1920s. It was an art gallery on a long wall in a corner of the terminal. No one else seemed to notice these cool old shots. I admired each one!

I think that this picture was my favorite. It just looks like such a happy time at Miami Beach! She has her guitar and blanket and umbrella to protect her from the sun. And she has her personal butler serving her a drink on a log!

What more could you want in 1923? Honestly?!

It’s just a really cool picture. I don’t know why I love it so much.


I even hopped on the monorail train, which shuttled people in between the rental car garage and the main passenger terminal. Just for kicks.

It was certainly better than just sitting in my room all day, but I wish that I would have been able to find a way to the beach today instead of hanging out at the airport. The reasons that took me there today were disappointing…very little food choices, and even fewer places to sit to watch people!

And I didn’t see a single airplane from inside. Wop wop.

But I still enjoyed myself. Maybe not as much as a lady sipping a drink on a beach in 1923, but pretty darn close.

Goodbye warm weather! Tomorrow we head north…to be reminded that winter is still in full force around most of the country!

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