Tuesday, March 12, 2013

A Sweet Little Suite in Philly


I love being on high floors in the hotels that I stay. Awesome views can make all the difference! We spent two nights in the Sheraton Suites near the Philadelphia Airport during my nine-day trip a few weeks back.

The ninth floor was my home for a few days.


As you can see, the hotel used to be an Embassy Suites. I love those places, with the awesome made-to-order breakfast. We always stayed at Embassy Suites as a kid when we met my Dad for a visit.

This hotel had changed hands, but it was still really nice. But they charged for internet. Why?!?!?!

It was free in the lobby, so I snuck downstairs to do all of our Customs submissions there. I refuse to pay $12 a night for internet service. It’s downright silly.


In the far right-hand corner of this picture is the table that I used to send all of our information to Customs. When we fly again in a few days, it is to visit the beautiful country of Canada! See the round table with the giant lamp shade?

The tables in the center and to the left are for the hotel restaurant, Relish. I thought about trying a burger here until I saw the prices. $16 for a burger and fries just baffles me. I have yet to meet a burger that is worth $16!

Wow, I sound really cheap on this stay, huh? Hopefully it comes across as just being practical?

No? Shucks.


My room was a two-room suite, with a nice living room near the entrance and a nice bedroom near the window. I loved this awesome chair and ottoman, but I hated how dark it was in this room. I actually borrowed this ottoman for the chair in the bedroom so I could read by the window!


Nice, big working desk area. And, had I been privileged enough to have internet service, I probably would have set up shop here. Again, it was in the dark living room, and I spent most of my stay in the well-lit bedroom area.

Such a nice room, huh? This was my cheapest room out of this entire nine-day trip, thank goodness.

Everywhere else was crazy expensive!


There was even a couch in here, too. But I didn’t spend much time in here at all.


But this happy, bright room made me feel right at home. I love the fun colors, and an entire wall of windows made for some great reading light.

The bed was pretty comfy, too. Most beds are. I sometimes struggle with finding a good pillow! When did feather pillows become all the rage?


I lived in this chair. It was comfy and perfect with the other chair’s ottoman. I read an entire book while staying here. With cold winds and temperatures in the twenties, I had no desire to head outside to enjoy Philadelphia.

What a great town, but I was just too wimpy this time of year!


I had a lovely view from my room as well. Yet another reason that I love higher floors…great views! These two bridges were packed each evening for rush hour traffic. It was fun to watch so much action from the warmth and comfort of my nice, fuzzy hotel room.


When nothing on my phone showed up within walking distance for dinner, I decided to order a pizza in. It was huge and actually fed me for my entire stay. Thank goodness for room refrigerators, huh?

Had it been a little warmer, I would have caught a train and spent my day in the original nation’s capital. I’ve seen the Liberty Bell and Independence Hall before, but I would love to see them again!

Maybe it won’t be quite as chilly next time I get to visit.

It’s not getting warmer any time soon…our next stop is Fargo for fuel! Yikes!

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