Monday, March 25, 2013

Raining Cats and Dogs and…Rain


All of our crazy and fantastic weather usually happens when I am far away from home in an airplane. I even get pictures from Hubby of snow on his car windshield or of terrible thunderstorms.

If I hadn’t seen photo proof of these things, I would question whether they really happen. I’ve rarely been able to witness crazy weather in our parts myself!

But a few weeks ago…all of my wildest, stormy dreams came true!


For some reason, we were blessed with a thunderstorm in March. Which is just the craziest thing ever. We weren’t nearly warm enough for that battling hot air rising to mix with cold to create such a storm. This was just a freak event!


And, oh boy, was it awesome! We had good, solid rain for about two hours. In the desert, where water can’t hide, we had a river running outside in no time at all!

Can you see all of that water pouring off the roof? Luckily, this happened just after Hubby patched part of our roof to fix a sneaky leak. His timing couldn’t have been better! This storm would have caused quite a bit of damage otherwise!


There were pools and puddles of water all over the backyard, which is still very much a work-in-progress. Someday, this will be a lush oasis for us.

And this rain was helping a little too much in the wrong direction for that…we don’t want weeds!


At least we can gaze at this picture and see where we still need to do some leveling before the sod goes in, huh?

The tiller has since gone back to its home with Hubby’s dad. But it sure helped us while we had it!


Hubby was using this barrel to level things for a while. It has since been relocated to a storage spot near the shed. After the mud cleared out from this storm, that is! Look at all that wet stuff!


Since the water barrel was in the way of Hubby installing sprinklers a few months ago, it wasn’t in place when this downpour hit! Which only meant that we had a whole lotta water hitting our backyard today!


We might as well get some fish to put in this pond back here! It was a foot deep in this part of the yard! Holy smokes!


A not-as-mean storm a week before had made these little lovely weeds pop up. Before I could manually get rid of them, this monster storm hit and made a whole pool of water near our sitting area. Can you see all of that standing water?!


But out front, the storm was taking an even greater toll. Can you see how our entire planter box here is filled with water?!

Other than some of our mulch floating away to a better life, this actually wasn’t a bad thing. These little guys need water. Even in March!


After just a few minutes of this, there was certainly a river flowing down our street! The desert isn’t very good at handling lots of water in a very short amount of time.

And you can see all of that water coming off the roof, too.


I actually love weather like this. Mostly because I know that it is very short-lived, but also because this is perfect pajama-and-book-reading-and-hot-chocolate weather. And I happen to love pajamas and reading and hot chocolate.


Even our little solar-powered house numbers light was drowned enough to lose its focus.


Does anyone have any inner tubes? This river shouldn’t go unappreciated for long.

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