Thursday, April 4, 2013

Playing with the Friendly Boys


I only had a few hours to spend the next morning after arriving at their new home in Dallas, but my short time with family was wonderful.

One of the best parts of getting to be in Dallas for work today was to finally meet this little man! Welcome to the family, Baby James!


I’ve really missed this little guy. We used to wrestle a whole lot more than we’ve been able to do these past several months since he moved. So we had lots that needed to made up.


And, in usual Evan fashion, he started to say “Cheeeeeeese,” every time he thought that I was going to take a picture.


It made for some cute half-smiles, though. He is still as sweet and fun as I remember. And he was nice enough to let me sleep in his room!

Thanks, Little Man!


Have I mentioned that Baby James is pretty adorable, too? What is it about new babies that smell so great? He was much bigger than I was expecting, but it also made it more fun to watch him smile and enjoy his brother.


We can already tell that he is very contemplative. Just look at all those bells and whistles working inside that sweet-smelling little head!


With such beautiful parents, this little man had a pretty good change of being cute. But he raised the bar for the rest of us, yet again.


And not just because he was wearing a space-themed onsie today.


His hair is so soft, and his belly so round. He has kissable cheeks and is oh-so sweet! His temperament is so calm. He only cries when he is hungry, and even then it’s just a little peep.

What a good baby!

I think that they are going to keep him, so that’s a wise decision on their part.


This new home offered so many things that were wanted, including a play area for the boys. We spent several hours in here today, playing up a storm!

Evan even got stuck in this for a second. It was pretty funny, though he didn’t think so at the time.


James thought that it was pretty funny, though.


Then Evan showed us how high he could jump on the chair. It was so much fun to play ball, building blocks, and (of course), wrestle with him all morning. I have sure missed him.


James watched us play as he aced some tummy time. He wasn’t too sure about it at first, though.


But that sweet little smile could make anyone’s heart melt. Did I mention how wonderful he smells?

Tomorrow, I’ll show you the incredible place that we ate lunch with these fun boys!

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