Friday, June 27, 2008

Candy Gram for Mongo

Mongo for Mongolian, that is. We went to a Mongolian restaurant in Flint, Michigan on Wednesday. It was my first time to the lovely town, and we celebrated with a fun place to eat! When I walked through the door, my head was looking down. As I looked up, I was surprised to see a huge blow-up Attila the Hun doll names Mongo. I had it all under control until HE MOVED! It completely freaked me out since I wasn't expecting him to be alive! So I got my camera from the car to have photo proof. Me and Creepy Mongo, as I like to refer to him now. We go way back.

Later that evening, we arrived very "early" for a Big Boss Week...8:30 PM. Joe asked if we wanted to go check out the waterfront, so we all piled into the FBO's PT Cruiser and headed to the water. We stopped everywhere that sounded yummy to us and ended up getting homemade ice cream and fresh clam chowder (corn chicken chowder for me, thank you very much). It was fun wandering around watching people and seeing the boats.  Our passengers are both a hoot, and it was fun seeing the town with temperatures above zero, like when we are normally there with Ron.

In addition to the beautiful boat docks, we also found old diving equipment and a portion of the original Berlin Wall. Portland, Maine is exaclty where I would put a portion of the Berlin Wall, so it made perfect sense to us! After flying from 7:00 AM that morning, I crawled into bed around 11:00 PM. Joe Weeks always mean long days and lots of flying, but it really can't get any better.


  1. Your life is such an adventure. Just the few posts and I'm already jealous of the places you get to go. Any room for a tag along on one of your adventures.

    I'm so glad you and john are dating. He's so much more enjoyalble to be around. ha ha
    Have fun and see ya on the weekends!

  2. You look like you are happy so much fun and an added benifit you get paid also. Glad to see you doing well. Miss ya.

  3. yeah, having seen the berlin wall when I went to berlin last year, it seems extremely odd to me that you randomly found a part of it there. Whatever! ;)


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