Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Canada is America's Hat

Hello from Canada! It was a surprise to end up here, but most things during Joe Weeks ARE a surprise! We went to Winnipeg and then on to Toronto late on the 24th. I didn't crawl into bed until 2:15 AM after flying four legs as Captain, from Milwaukee to Oshkosh to Winnipeg to Toronto. Oshkosh sure looks different without 1,000 airplanes on the field! We will be heading up there for the week of the Airventure in a month, and I am looking forward to it! This will be my fifth year at Oshkosh. It really is like no place on earth!

I am writing now from Flint, Michigan. This week has been my first international flights as Captain, so it has been fun learning how to do Customs and arrange Canadian flight plans. I learn something every day, which is one of the million things I love about my job.

John and I have started reading scriptures together every day, and so far, so good. It feels wonderful having goals set up together. And I love working together to make ourselves better. He is sweet. Sedona is going to be a blast when the rest of the family gets to meet him! They already love him, as do I.

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  1. I'm so proud of you--Captain on international flights!!!


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