Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Kennesaw Mountain, Civil War Battle Ground

Tuesday meant a day off to explore the beautiful city of Atlanta, and our hotel was just a few miles from the Kennesaw Battleground. Terry and I hopped into the U-Haul Surburban that Ron had arranged for us. The weather was gorgeous and allowed us to check out the visitor's center and then walk the trails of the battlefield. We found trenches where the Confederate and Union soldiers had laid to ambush the opposing side. I closed my eyes and could imagine the sounds of old rifles being fired and orders being shouted from commanding officers. Brothers fighting brothers. Flags being rigorously waved by each army. Each man believed he was fighting for the right victory. The ground felt hallowed, and I was overcome with a sense of reverence for this beautiful area that had hosted such horrific events just 150 years ago. I love history, and I love my job for letting me see these things while I am on the road.

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