Friday, June 20, 2008

Ft. Lauderdale Executive KFXE

A beautiful day in Ft. Lauderdale, which is just north of Miami. We dodged thunderstorms from Orlando, and they took us way east of the city over the ocean to get in because of all the traffic. I like when they tell me "maintain maximum forward speed" for as long as we can. The FBO is nice...Banyan just remodeled everything last year and present a tropical feel inside the lobby. A huge aquarium greets passengers as they enter from the sweltering temperatures outside. When we arrived it wasn't terribly hot. But being from Arizona, we always melt because of the humidity! Ron again had a U-Haul vehicle arranged for us, and I used my Garmin Nuvi to find an awesome, authentic Mexican/Spanish restuarant not too far from our hotel. I have roasted chicken with black beans, white rice, and fired plantains. Pretty yummy, and I am proud of myself for trying something new instead of just settling for Mexican. The Spanish dish I tried was yummy! We stayed at the Hampton Inn through a cheap FBO rate. That evening, I walked about a mile down Cypress Creek road to grab a bite at Moonlite Diner. After I paid the bill, a huge thunderstorm hit and poured some rain down! I waited for it to die down then ran about halfway to an overpass on the freeway. I stayed there for a few minutes again, because the rain was really coming down! At least it got rid of all the gnats I had discovered on my walk TO the diner. It was a wet evening, and I was glad to get back into my hotel room and take a nice, hot shower. Friday's schedule: KFXE-KPBF-KAPA-KPHX. We are stopping in Pine Blugg, Arkansas for fuel on our way to drop off Ron in Denver, Centennial. He became a grandpa again on Monday and will be dropped off there to enjoy the weekend with his new granddaughter. Terry and I will fly the airplane home empty from Denver to Phoenix. I will get about seven hours of flying left seat! Yippee!

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