Saturday, March 21, 2009

Project of the Week

I have been home for several weeks without being called for work. I came up with the idea of making something to show for all of this time being at home! I have wanted a headboard for our bed, or ANYTHING to jazz up the wall that our bed is against. We just don't want to spend our money on furniture right now, so I decided to make one! I drew up the plans in Microsoft Paint (very high-tech, I assure you), and then made a mental shopping list. I even figured out which wood to buy when I went to Home Depot! I didn't want to seem like an ignorant idiot in THAT store! It was a week-long project from start to finish. I designed it last Saturday, and this morning we put it behind our bed. Pretty nifty, eh? I am proud of it, and it still tickles me to walk into our bedroom and see it. I have a handy husband who is very patient and helpful. Waiting for the stain to dry was the most time-consuming thing I have experienced all week! I think the end result is amazing, if I do say so myself. I think I will have a Neiman Marcus cookie in celebration!


  1. Awesome work! I'm totally impressed.

  2. It looks great! When are you coming up to build some toy shelves for me?

  3. way to go micah now its my turn. I want one. :) how are you guys. How has it been to be home for so long? Mike has a stretch of 8 days off coming up and I can't wait but then I think he will probably get really bored. Hope all is well.

  4. Good work my little fruitcake. It will be fun to see it in person. I might want to check the that 2 inch foam or 3 inch foam? Darn regulations!


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