Thursday, April 23, 2009

Texas, Florida, and Everywhere In Between

It has been a fun week so far! We have known about this Ron Week for over a month. He warned us that we would be gone through at least Saturday, maybe not even returning to Phoenix until Sunday. We left Sky Harbor Airport early Monday morning and flew to Addison, Texas in north Dallas. They have my favorite Indian restaurant in the world, The Clay Pit. Fresh, homemade mango lemonade? Yes, please. Dallas is beautiful this time of year. You can certainly feel the humidity, but it isn't hot enough (yet) to make it miserable (yet). We stayed at the Comfort Suites near Addison Airport, which is within walking distance of lots of food and shopping establishments.

Wednesday morning meant an early-morning departure to Lakefront Airport in New Orleans. Usually we are here every few months, but the last time I was in this town was with my husband when we left from here on our honeymoon cruise. Six months ago?! Sheesh! Later in the afternoon, we continued our flight with five passengers to Ft. Lauderdale Executive Airport, just north of Miami. I am hoping to get a nice little tan line while here!

Friday could be very busy, but I don't have all the details yet. I know we head back to Addison tomorrow morning (we have to stop for fuel because of headwinds and so many people in the back). We continue on to College Station, Texas and must get them there by 1:00 PM. It has been mentioned we may then go back to Phoenix to pick more people up and return them to College Station as well. If that is the case, Friday is going to be a VERY long day! The current plan is to return to Phoenix from College Station Saturday night, but I could see us not leaving until Sunday if their meetings go longer than expected. We shall see! A job of mystery, as always!

It will be a short half-day home with my honey since I leave again on Monday.

I guess I will try to make myself feel better about that by laying out near the pool today...


  1. Let's plan a get-together when your not so busy with this thing called work :) I'd love to do something with T'liese and Joe as well!

  2. Sounds like a plan! T'liese and Joe are going world-traveling in the middle of the Pacific over the next few weeks, so maybe we can plan something when they get home?


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