Monday, June 29, 2009

I Only Have Eyes For You

When we were first dating, I asked John a question to see how well he was paying attention. You know, those silly, immature questions to test if he likes me or not. It was a fairly simple and harmless question...I asked him what color my eyes were. He didn't hesitate but answered incorrectly, "Green." To this day, he still says I have green eyes. I think he is just ingeniously playing off his mistake. Who am I to complain! He noticed I have eyes!

Last night, I was playing with the settings on my camera and decided to try to take a picture of my eye, just to check the color. I even coerced John into letting me take a picture of his eye, too! Look how beautiful his eye is! Well, his are both nice, but I only have photographic proof of the one. You will just have to trust me. I have to admit there was something to what he saw in my eye...a little green. But I know they are mostly blue. I had a better shot of my color, but it also showed very red eyes from a long day. Nobody likes to look like an alcoholic in a blog post! I deleted it fairly quickly.

More than likely, any babies joining our family in the distant future will have blue-green eyes. And they will be so cute and smart and probably have bad vision. John wants a girl so he can get her into the WNBA so we will never have to work again. Maybe there is something to his crazy logic! I've already planned out that we will have two boys and a girl. I have oh so much control over these types of things, you know!

Kids are a long way down the road for us. We just passed eight months of being married. Can you believe that?! It has been eight months! Time flies when you are having fun, and we are certainly enjoying being married. I don't even care if he gave the wrong answer to my tricky eye color question!

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  1. Its alright Micah, Matt thinks my eyes are Green too. They are most definetly blue with a brown spot in one of them.


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