Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Humility in the Works

Pilots are, by their very nature, timid and reclusive creatures. The majority of pilots avoid talking about themselves and never brag. They can rarely be seen in their natural habitats engaging in "loud talk" and boisterous activity pronouncing their abilities. When in a "Pilot's Lounge," a natural gathering place for such pilots, the conversations never turn to what the pilots fly and how awesome they are for doing it, unless that information is absolutely dragged from them by their peers, despite their best efforts to retain such information from others. It is common knowledge that the public accepts...pilots are very humble creatures and the last to "toot their own horns," so to speak.

Being a pilot myself, (and a darn good one at that), it is foreign for me to talk about something I did that was just amazing. But when I say that I made an incredible dinner last night, I mean it.

The recipe I followed from the Food Network was created by Tyler Florence, one of my favorites. I added some extra goodies to his already-great creation, and hence we indulged in the Best Enchiladas Ever Seen On The Face Of The Earth. In addition, I made homemade salsa (I do every week since my husband is a salsa-eating machine). Homemade guacamole also made a successful appearance on our dinner table, which makes my knees weak just thinking about it. I didn't make the sour cream, but I probably would have if a cow existed in my backyard. At least I know I have areas to improve. Everything else about the meal was dern-near perfect.

John ate an entire pan of my chicken enchiladas. I think he concurs with my humble statement that I made a pretty mind-blowing dish. Luckily, because of my very involvement in life as a pilot, I avoided the spotlight and praise that naturally came from making heaven on a fork. Sometimes I wish I could be more confident about my accomplishments, but this is not the time to be "cocky," as we jokingly say in the pilot world.


  1. Glad to see you finally have something to brag about. They look yummy! Send me the link, please.

  2. I told my sisters there other day when watching the food Network that 'If you were not a pilot, I'm sure you would have your own show making delicious food, mostly with chocolate!' When I can eat again I'm going to have to have you make me something wonderful! and you can try some home bottled Cherry pie!


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