Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Basketball John

WARNING: When sneaking in pictures of one's husband playing basketball, there is a good chance the pictures won't turn out as one would like. However, that may be better than the alternative: embarrassing him by laying on the floor near the end of the court, just like the professionals do. Though I like to pretend at times, I am far from a professional photographer, and I also am very adamant about not getting run over by a bunch of running men. Call me crazy, but it's just something I feel strongly about. So, rather than making an idiot out of myself and getting closer to the action, I secretly shot these pictures zoomed in. Hence the stalker-ish look to them.

John always surprises the masses by how incredibly good he is at basketball. He doesn't have an agile look about him during his normal daily existence, but put a ball in his hands and some painted wood underneath his feet and watch the master take form! He is really good. I am not just saying that because I am his biased wife and think he is good at everything (and he is). Though these pictures don't give him justice, he is quite the good baller. Makes me proud. And, since I am the only spectator at these games, I get to cheer the loudest as a result of him playing so well. I also think he could pull off a stint as an NBA commentator because he knows so much about the game. When we watch games together, he will "coach" the players and tell them what they should be doing. A few seconds later, the commentators will repeat what John just said should be happening! He is always one step ahead of the game. Smart kid!

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