Friday, June 12, 2009

Reminiscing New York City

One of my favorite places to visit is New York City. Quite often when we visit that part of the world, I am able to spend an entire day on my own exploring the city. I have been there several times and can't get enough. I know I would never want to live there, but being able to visit it frequently is just one of the countless perks of my job.

These are pictures from a few different trips I made into the city. I usually catch the city bus from where we stay near the Teterboro, New Jersey airport. It costs $1.25 to ride in, then I buy an all-day subway pass for $7.00 at the station when I arrive in the city. I always stop near Lincoln Square to see the temple, then continue on to Central Park and the Museum of Natural History. I could easily spend hours in that place! I also like to visit the site of Ground Zero but find I get too emotional when I see it. I don't visit that every time because of the tears. It is fun to wander around Times Square and visit the M&Ms store. Virgin Records has a huge location across from a delicatessen that T'liese and I ate in nine years ago during a visit to NYC.

New York City is such a great place to spend time!

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