Sunday, June 7, 2009

Reunion Party

After seeing my post reminiscing about our great times in Cancun, Cassie came up with the great idea to have a party at their house! As we all met together this time, however, we had our men with us! I can't express enough how nice it is to not be the fifth wheel any more!

John and I needed to attend a wedding reception earlier that evening, so we didn't make it to Cassie and Joseph's house until 8:00 PM on Saturday. T'liese and Joe were already there. We each brought some yummy goodies, including cookies, chips and homemade salsa, more cookies, brucshetta on toasted french bread, and cake balls. I didn't know I was competing with T'liese for cookies, but she covered mine up on the plate so no one would want them. Fair enough.

Joseph and Cassie have a beautiful town home in Tempe that they have been remodeling since they moved in a year ago. Their improvements look great, and it is so impressive that they have done it all themselves! We found a scorpion outside and chased it down with a black light. I have developed a genuine paranoia of scorpions since we found two in our house last year. I didn't think anything could be worse than spiders, but I was wrong. Joseph sprayed it with scorpion-killing poison, and John finally stepped on it...with his flip flops!! What a man. The scorpion didn't stand a chance, really.

It is still as fun to get T'liese and Cassie to pose in a picture as it was on the beaches of Cancun! Oh, the memories! I remember all the other beach-enthusiasts stopped to watch us act like idiots while we were trying to get some fun shots. And we were the only sober ones present!

We played some games and ate and talked. It was a nice time visiting with wonderful friends and family. By 10:30 PM, all of us old folks were ready to turn in for the night. Thanks for such a fun pratty, Cassie and Joseph!


  1. Thanks for coming over! It was such a fun night. We loved the yummy goodies you brought. Also I loved the thank you card you sent- how thoughtful! I loved the scorpion eating a cake ball picture :)

  2. Oh good. After I was done drawing it, I couldn't tell what it was! I am glad you could tell that scorpion had some good taste! What a lovely evening, Cassie. Thank you so much!


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