Friday, July 17, 2009

Sunsets and Ants Don't Mix

My wonderful husband (golly, I start so many posts that way) found some free online courses from HP teaching me how to improve my digital photography skills. It has been so much fun to learn more techniques as well as all the functions on my camera. I love this thing! I got a Canon SD1100 IS Digital Elph about this time last year to replace my Nikon Coolpix. Avoid that one like the plague, folks! Just these past few days, I have discovered so many abilities my Canon has! Those Japanese technology gurus are on to something, I tell ya!

While watching John play church basketball last night, I thought I would sneak outside for a few minutes to try out some sunset shots (now that I finally found the hidden sunset mode that makes my life so easy!). I sat down in the grass to position my mini-tripod (a present from Charloe...thanks!) for some sky shots, and two seconds later felt some stinging on my hand. Who would have thought I would pick the only place in the entire church parking lot that had an ant nest?! I was bitten twenty times at least before I could get all the little buggers off me. I have now ceremoniously added ants to my "I Hate These Critters" List, which is constantly getting new additions. The top two list items have been there for years...1) scorpions and 2) anything with eight legs. I would have never guessed pesky ants would make number three! After completing my shots and heading inside for better light, I was amazed to see my arm all swollen from the bites. Those little guys mean business! Unfortunately, it was a business of which I wanted no part. It feels better today.

Anyhoo, the online classes teach me how to frame a shot better, how to play with the light, and how to make my photos more dynamic. I am a photo-taking maniac, so these classes have been perfect! I have learned a lot. It's nice to have a husband looking out for me all the time! I just hope my camera can keep up with all the photo-taking insanity on the way!

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