Sunday, August 16, 2009

Another Birthday Post? Sheesh!

How many times can I talk about becoming another year older? You would think it would be getting old (no pun intended), but we just keep on celebrating it! This past Saturday night, Joe and T'liese hosted John, Micah, Jeff, and Megan to celebrate the birthdays that have been taking place the past few weeks. Megan had a birthday two weeks ago, mine was last week, and Jeff will be turning 26 in just a few days. And we don't exactly need an excuse to gather for yummy food and games! However, if a good excuse pops up, we usually jump on it!

T'liese wouldn't let us bring anything to help for dinner, so we just got to sit back and enjoy her delicious Italian extravaganza. We were so excited to EAT it that I forgot to take pictures in time. You will have to trust me when I say it looked as lovely as it tasted. She makes the best homemade bruschetta and had toasted mini slices of bread to pour on the good stuff. Then we had a delicious Caesar salad. She has such pretty serving pieces...aren't wedding presents wonderful? Then the main course was incredible, a creamy alfredo sauce on top of fettuccine noodles. We waited a few hours for dinner to settle before eating dessert of homemade caramel sundaes. Man, she is good to me! Caramel?! I could live on the stuff. No, really.

We then played one of the games John and I brought called 20 Questions. The room was full of brilliant people, so we rarely got past the third clue before someone was able to come up with the answer. The clock ticked away and before we knew it, 10:00 PM snuck up on us! We left with full bellies and sore faces from smiling so much. I love family.

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  1. Great pictures! I wish you would have gotten a good one of Meg's belly! We want to see the baby belly! That is your mission. That is all.


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