Thursday, August 13, 2009

Sweet Birthday Sweets

After all the talk about wooden spoons yesterday, I kind of feel bad that my wonderful birthday present from my parents arrived on my doorstep today! It had been damaged in the shipping process and another one had to be ordered, hence being a few days post-birthday. She unnecessarily apologized several times for it arriving late (like I'm going to be upset about that when I have a present to open!). I didn't think I could like my Mom any more than presently, but I was oh so wrong. When I opened the box, I squealed in delight! In fact, when John arrived home for lunch just twenty minutes later, I skipped into the room to show him! Skipped, my friends!

My Mom must know me pretty well. She found a book on Amazon that had my name written all over it, and she got an adorable baking apron to match! Those who know me are well-acquainted with my unfortunate love for sweets and baking treats. This book is perfect for that! I had to quit thumbing through the pages because I started to drool. I made a mental inventory of what I have in my pantry that would allow me to make something this very instant! By breezing through the book, I know without a doubt that every single recipe will be attempted and no doubt enjoyed!

Thanks Mom, Merrill, Parker, Kip, and Rosie (yellow labs give presents, too)!


  1. Skipped, Micah? I predicted that you would love it--I must be psychic!

  2. Micah you are so funny and so BEAUTIFUL in your new apron. Happy Birthday!!!!


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