Monday, August 10, 2009

Chicks and Geese and Ducks will Scurry

I got to visit the beautiful Plains this week, stopping in Oklahoma City and Tulsa before heading back towards the mountains of Denver. We dodged weather and thunderstorms on almost every flight, but that just makes for some great photos!

In one of the pictures, a grey airplane is seen on the ramp with a guy in a green flight suit walking around. That is designated the T-1 in the military, but look is the same airplane as my Beechjet! The Air Force has a fleet of T-1s because they use them to train tanker pilots. Because of the different flight controls on my airplane (no ailerons, but spoilerons instead), it feels like a much larger airplane is being flown. The responsiveness of the flight controls makes it feel more like a huge Boeing 707 instead of a medium corporate jet. Because of that, they train future tanker pilots so they can save some fuel. Two engines burn much less than four! It took some flights to get used to the controls, but I love the Beechjet. It is a blast to fly!

After spending a few nights in Okie territory, we went to Denver for a few hours for my passengers to work that area. Ron surprised us and let us come home on Thursday evening, which let me spend even more time with my husband. What a treat! Although it was hot when we landed back in Phoenix, we didn't miss the humidity that was felt all week in the Midwest!

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