Friday, October 30, 2009

Brunch with Pops

My Dad is visiting from Mexico where he has lived for the past four and a half years. He comes up every six months to see his kids and grand kids. Since he was in town, we thought we would celebrate by visiting our family-favorite for breakfast in Phoenix, First Watch. As usual, it was very delicious. The company must have been even better, because even after the food disappeared from the table we stayed to visit for another two hours!

I couldn't decide between pancakes or a Belgium waffle, so I went with an omelet. Sometimes when I order, I am schizophrenic! Luckily, it is a safe bet with anything from the menu, and breakfast was very good. It was fun to catch up with our Mexican dweller!

I will get many more opportunities to catch up next Monday when Dad and Micah set out on a road trip to Utah to visit my sister, Charloe, and her two kids. I absolutely hate road trips, but I am sure snacks will help alleviate that strife. During the dreaded eight-hour drive, I will not be able to resist thinking about how this exact trek would only take forty-five minutes in my airplane! Maybe I am supposed to learn patience? It will be a great week, and I am looking forward to it. I love any chance to spend time with family.

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  1. Looks and sounds like a nice breakfast! Wish all of us could have been there, but then it probably wouldn't have been so nice with 2 kids! Can't wait for Monday!


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