Thursday, October 22, 2009

Cha-Ching, Food-Style

Even though I was just kidding about my lottery comment yesterday, I truly feel like I hit the jackpot today! My sister has a friend who does catering on the side. This friend is moving and wanted to down-size her arsenal of kitchen and catering equipment. T'liese might now be my favorite sister for tipping me off, because I totally scored tons of goodies (at a killer price, mind you) for my future catering business!

What? A catering business? Did she just say that?

Yes, that's right, my friends. I want to start a small business on the side that allows me to cater two or three events a month (or as many as I want...that's the nice thing about being the boss). I would love to focus on bite-size treats and goodies for events like weddings, showers, holidays, work celebrations, and family events. I know I need to start with smaller groups and work my way up. The gal I purchased things from today just did a wedding this past weekend that fed 400 people! That might be a little intimidating for my first attempt. But with these recent additions to my kitchen collection, I feel closer to being ready for making it happen! Bring it on!

My husband is all for the idea. I told him if he buys me two convection ovens, I will do the rest! Working with a solitary gas oven is a nightmare making dinner for just us, let alone cooking for an entire catering event! I imagine my future home possessing a kitchen mimicking one from the Food Network, including two convection ovens that can bake up a storm for any parties I have in the works! Someday...

So, if you need some good grub for something coming up, let me know! Eek!


  1. Wow! A catering business is a great idea! You'll have to try out some of the finger foods on us while you're up here. We could be your guinea pigs. Please?

  2. How awesome! A future catering business, eh? That sounds wonderful! I know you would truly do INCREDIBLE as a caterer!!! How exciting to be able to get such beautiful dishes, supplies, and accessories for a great price! I'm so happy for you!


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