Saturday, October 10, 2009

Goodbye Sweet Summer!

It's been tough not taking any pictures this week. I have been so busy that I haven't had a chance to do anything leisurely, like grab my camera and run outside for some gargeous shots of anything that moves! I took these pictures at the beginning of the summer. Look how green and beautiful everything is before the severe heat sets in! Some of these shots look like they could have been taken in the fall, such as the wheat picture. And I am tickled with the texture my camera can pick up on the cement wall and in the leaves. On the downside, when I take pictures like these, John uses them as proof against me that I don't need to upgrade to a digital SLR Canon EOS Rebel XSi. It's on my wish list, just in case he changes his mind. In silver. I think he will come around eventually, especially if we win the lottery in the next few years. Now, if we only played the lottery...

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  1. Wow, such gorgeous shots Micah! You have a great eye!!! Awesome talent! Now just think how your shots will look even BETTER with your digital SLR Canon EOS Rebel XSi! Hint hint...John! lol. Seriously though...that type of camera makes a major difference. I'm on your side, Micah! :o)


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