Tuesday, October 13, 2009

The Return of My Baby

What a glorious day! I was finally able to bring my baby home from the hospital! Look how clean and shiny it is! We left the airplane at the Mesa-Gateway Airport all of last week when we found out the big boss wasn't going to fly. We are still in need of a part and left the airplane with the mechanics in hopes the part would arrive. Unfortunately, the part is in high-demand and still can't be located! We were released for flight and could still leave, but not until payment was received. Wouldn't you know the day they try to make the wire transfer is a major holiday that warrants banks to be closed?! I sweet-talked them into letting us leave with the airplane, anyway.

It was a quick but necessary flight. It allowed us the opportunity to ensure everything was working properly post-maintenance. It's terrible to have important people in back, only to discover something major still needs to be looked at by a mechanic! Luckily, the flight went well with no squawks! We landed back at Sky Harbor Airport around 2:00 PM. It felt good to be back in the air, even if for just twenty minutes. I start to miss flying if I haven't been in the air for a few weeks! I'm supposed to be up there! I am relieved to have my baby back where it belongs so that when the boss calls with a request to take off in an hour, we are ready to go!

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